Truveo Pete Kocks
Chief Architect


Pete Kocks is the Chief Architect of AOL Video and the Senior Architect at Truveo, where he oversaw the company's core technology platform.

Prior to Truveo, Pete helped launch three software startups in the fields of video surveillance, database monitoring, and application hosting. At Presidio Technology, he led the development of a distributed video surveillance system with a unique approach to indexing video streams. As one of the founders of BayGate, he led the development of a database monitoring system from inception to deployment in the mission-critical datacenters of dozens of large corporate customers. BayGate was acquired by Portal Software in 2001. Previously, as one of the first employees of Digitivity, a startup that developed and brought to market a Java application server, he guided the technical and business relationship with Citrix systems that ultimately led to its acquisition by Citrix in 1998.

Pete holds a doctoral degree from Stanford University where his research focused on systems modeling and computation. Pete holds an undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa.