Mindy Weinstein
SEO Manager & Trainer
Bruce Clay Inc.
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Bruce Clay Inc.

Mindy Weinstein is the SEO manager at Bruce Clay, Inc. where she leads a team of technical analysts. She has been in the ever-evolving SEO industry for the last six years, but her experience in marketing spans well over a decade. Prior to jumping in head first into SEO, Mindy co-authored two books: Rich and Thin: Slim Down, Shrink Debt, Turn Calories Into Cash (McGraw Hill) and Money Trouble: Surviving Your Financial Crisis (Beacon Hill). She earned a Master of Business Administration from Arizona State University and has taught several college courses related to marketing and search engine optimization. Mindy has been interviewed numerous times on radio and television, including programs that aired on NBC, ABC and Fox. In addition, she has been featured in magazines and newspapers, such as The Washington Post, Woman's World, First for Women and The Arizona Republic.