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Mike Chapman is proof that professionals from non-tech sectors can adapt and even thrive in the new media landscape. The principles of being open and genuine, considering customers - or voters - as humans, welcoming feedback and criticism, and being willing to trade old ways of thinking for new ones, have made Mike an enthusiast for social media. It may sound ironic that a former Washington lobbyist and Congressional staffer would be eager to specialize in communications based on honesty and authenticity rather than on promotion, but those are the exact qualities that drew him into the field of new media and communications.

Mike's career started with J.J."Jake" Pickle as a legislative aide before he joined current U.S. Senator Tim Johnson as his first Legislative Director. Mike then moved downtown to work for the National Association of Realtors and the American Medical Association as a Congressional Lobbyist for each. After fifteen years in Washington D.C., Mike returned to Texas where he worked for Texas State University handling government affairs work and outreach.

Currently, Mike is a founder and partner with Apogee Campaigns, a social media and search marketing and campaign firm focused on public affairs programs for corporations, professional and trade associations, select political candidates, causes and campaigns. Mike is co-founder of the Social Media Club of Austin as well as the umbrella Social Media Club International NGO as well as other a number of other organizations focused on technology, social media and public affairs.