Michael Streko
Co-Founder / Owner
KnowEm LLC
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KnowEm LLC

Michael had his start in the world of internet marketing and search engine optimization when his former employer told him to "Make our website show up on Google". Michael spent the next years learning all he possibly could about search engines and SEO.

In 2007 Michael started "Streko Media" a web publishing company that operated in the Travel and Health verticals. Michael was able to obtain top placement for local travel related terms around the United States.

Then in early 2009 Michael launched a service called, which was meant to help everyone from individuals to the fortune 100 protect their identities, intellectual property & trademarks across hundreds of social media sites. KnowEm has been mentioned and featured on CNET, CNN, Fox News & many other major media publications. Currently Michael works full time on KnowEm with his partner & staff of over 40.