Intel Corporation Michael J Brito
Social Media Strategy, Consumer
Intel Corporation
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Intel Corporation

I blog, communicate and build relationships with other people. I twitter actively. I believe that marketing is good; and if you love your customers they'll love you back and tell people about it. I believe that business results are critical but should not be the driving force behind connecting with people. I believe in being real, authentic and human. I believe that consumers are real people with real passions. Let's start treating them that way. I am a recovering direct marketer. I have learned that conversations are more valuable than conversions; even though they are more difficult to measure. I refuse NOT to have fun at my job. I am a social media strategist at Intel.

I am currently on the Interim Board of Directors for the Social Media Club. I am an advisor to Izea (a social media marketing firm). I am a member of the Blog Council and sometimes blog there. I have worked for companies such as Sony, HP and Yahoo!; where I have managed SEO, Paid Search and Social Media marketing campaigns and programs.

I am proud to have served in the US Marine Corps.