Define Search Strategies / New York Times Marshall D. Simmonds
Co-Founder / Chief Search Strategist
Define Search Strategies / New York Times

Define Search Strategies / New York Times

Marshall D. Simmonds is a pioneer and leading expert in the search marketing industry. He speaks at conferences worldwide and specializes in educating organizations on bringing search marketing in-house and into the daily workflow.
Mr. Simmonds was named chief search strategist for The New York Times Company in March, 2005 and is responsible for maximizing traffic and search engine exposure by implementing strategic marketing techniques for,, and In addition to his work with The Times, he co-founded DEFINE SEARCH STRATEGIES, an enterprise search consulting business, funded by The New York Times Company.

As a leader in the search industry since 1997, Mr. Simmonds has worked with a multitude of clients including; ToysRUs,,, Time Inc Interactive, Gerson Lehrman Group, Consumer-Source/Apartment Guide, Hewlett-Packard, National Geographic, Hearst Digital Publications,, TechTarget, CBS, The Canadian Broadcast Company, The Pilot Group, TV Guide, Readers Digest, Contours Express, Medialive, Gawker Media, Intel, Citigroup,, Home Shopping Network, CitySearch, Yellow Pages, TicketMaster,,,, LendingTree,, Expedia, Evite, Ciao!com (.de).

Before joining The New York Times Company, Mr. Simmonds was the director of search for and parent company, Primedia Inc. from 1999 until 2005. He drove marketing strategies for Primedia's online properties, such as MotorTrend, American Baby, Seventeen, New York Magazine, Channel One and, working with more than 800 editors and guides at the 250 magazines and 450 topic sites. From 1997 to 1999, he created and managed a search engine optimization department as well as the I-Search Digest.