CafePress Marc Cull
Sr. Manager, Ecommerce Technology


Marc Cull manages the Ecommerce Platform at Cafepress. The Ecommerce Platform at Cafepress supports both primary ecommerce—the retail experience at—as well as hosted e-tail storefronts and store management for a community of millions of Cafepress shopkeepers. Marc joined Cafepress four years ago as an engineer on the shop management team, where the projects he led resulted in a exponential increase in catalog growth. The exponential increase in catalog growth pushed an already-strained 3rd party search engine over the edge, and Marc moved on to the problem of on-site search. He led the effort to make a highly-scalable, long-tail sensitive search engine, and built a team around on-site search that has evolved over the years into the Ecommerce Platform team.

In addition to Search and the Ecommerce Platform, Marc has two other children—real human boys. He lives with them and his patient wife in Oakland, California. Marc received his MA and BA in Linguistics from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and left graduate school when the dot com bubble became too shiny and distracting to ignore.