Laura Fitton
Pistachio Consulting

Pistachio Consulting

For more than 15 years Laura Fitton has focused on reshaping society and business through ideas and information. She's is a social media consultant and speaker who helps companies participating productively and proactively to be more competitive. Her clients learn to market dynamically by engaging with their audiences, listening and responding effectively to the new realities of business.

Fitton writes several popular blogs, is an authority on business uses of Twitter and is in the vanguard of thinkers shaping how social media will reshape business. She's a prolific business writer who has also published on diverse topics including science, society, racism and lead poisoning.

Fitton studied science writing with Carl Sagan, has been a marketing executive, consultant, speaker, rock climber, journalist, blue-water sailor and chef. She graduated magna cum laude from Cornell's eclectic College Scholar program. She lives in Boston, plays ice hockey and practices Ashtanga yoga.