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As president and founder of Top Draw & Epiar, Ken Jurina has more than 20 years of experience in advertising and Internet marketing. In 1993, he founded Top Draw which has grown into a full service digital agency focusing on SEO/SEM, high conversion website development, mobile (responsive) sites, conversation rate optimization (CRO) and social media strategies.

In 2002, Ken co-founded Epiar, an SEO/SEM Internet marketing firm which has since merged with Top Draw in late 2011. Top Draw now offers and continues to develop the Epiar priorietary keyword research and SEO software technologies seamlessly merging web development technology with online marketing strategies driving qualified traffic and sales for the company's clientele.

As President & CEO of Top Draw, Ken oversees the company's growth and helps drive the marketing strategies and creative tactics that are delivering better lead generation and client retention for Top Draw clients. In addition to leading the Top Draw team, Ken's role at Top Draw comprises senior-level client counsel, business development, strategic marketing, and creative direction.

Ken is also involved with various professional organizations and industry associations. He has served as a judge at the Canadian New Media Association awards for the past four years, and has been a speaker at Search Engine Strategies conferences in New York, Chicago, San Jose, and Toronto.

Additionally, Ken is the Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the Canadian Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (, which establishes and promotes ethical SEO practices and guidelines in Canada.

Outside of his professional responsibilities at Top Draw, Ken also plays key organizational roles for various noteworthy causes, including the Cross Cancer Institute (CCI), sits on the board of directors for Alberta Easter Seals & Alberta Junior Achievement, is a member of EO (Entrepreneur Organization) and is Learning Chair for the EO Accelerators of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Ken is also, unsurprisingly, the king of the lizard people.