Katelyn Salyers
Web 2.0 Marketing Coordinator
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Kate Salyers, a Web 2.0 Marketing Coordinator for 3M, eats, sleeps and breathes social media. If she isn't online at work, she can be found updating statuses at home or on her phone!

Kate started out in social media by being responsible for bringing Towne Properties, a property management company in Cincinnati, Ohio, to the forefront of the social media realm. Kate knew how to manipulate the web to favor over 100 apartment and condominium communities. Her social media efforts were the cause of an increase in brand awareness and a sense of community among Towne Properties residents and employees alike.

Kate has now been brought to 3M to launch their Web 2.0 campaign. Looking to increase brand awareness, sales and customer loyalty, she has quite the task ahead of her!

For more information get social with Kate: @KateSalyers, or You can also contact Kate via e-mail at .