LinkAdage John Lessnau
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John founded in 2003 with the goal of creating the Internet's first open text link ad market place to battle rampant price gouging and fraud in the text link business. LinkAdage has since grown from an auction to a complete text link advertising center, including a full service text link brokerage and an automated link exchange.

Continuing to stay at forefront of the industry, John founded, the Internet's first automated service providing natural text links in existing web content. Since footer and sidebar links now provide little value to advertisers and publishers, links in content are the next step in the evolution of text link advertising.

John got his undergraduate degree at Michigan State University and his MBA at Georgia State University. He honed his marketing skills as a Regional Marketing Manager with the Nielsen TV Ratings and as Marketing Information Manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. He was tired of "working for the man." Today, he is "the man".