John Ellis
CEO and Owner
Crescent Interactive
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Crescent Interactive

John Ellis is CEO and Owner of Crescent Interactive, an online marketing agency specializing in search and social.

John Ellis is a frequent search industry speaker and has spent most of his career as an "in-house" marketer. Working from this perspective has provided John with an understanding of high demand and budget concerns as it relates to marketing departments. Along with search engine marketing, daily activities often included managing budgets, presenting findings and recommendations to executive teams, and working through departmental conflicts.

Over the years, John has taken that in-house knowledge into his own career as an online marketing consultant. Now Ellis helps national
brands improve their marketing campaigns, with Crescent Interactive. John and his team practice a transparency approach with all clients, with the belief that search engine marketing is not black magic and not secretive. Educating clients is the preferred method for building a long-term relationship.

John Ellis resides in Nashville, TN, with clients ranging from travel, music to various industries in between. John can be found blogging and discussing online media at