ValueClick, Inc. John Ardis
Vice President of Corporate Strategy
ValueClick, Inc.

ValueClick, Inc.

John Ardis joined ValueClick in March 2000 and serves as vice president
of strategic initiatives, where he is responsible for the development
and management of strategic clients, as well as for the development of
integrated client solutions across all of ValueClick's various
businesses. From March 2000 to July 2001 Mr. Ardis served as
ValueClick's vice president of marketing and managed the Company's
public relations, advertising/promotions, and market research
initiatives. Prior to joining ValueClick, Mr. Ardis gained more than
eleven years of data-driven direct marketing experience with database
marketing firm Customer Development Corporation - now ChoicePoint
Precision Marketing - where he held vice president and managing director
positions and was responsible for client development and management, as
well as being involved in corporate strategy. Mr. Ardis hold a B.F.A.
from the University of Illinois.