Global Strategies International, LLC Jeremy Sanchez
Partner / SEM Strategist
Global Strategies International, LLC

Global Strategies International, LLC

Jeremy Sanchez is a founding member of Global Strategies International (GSI). He currently acts as an embedded search consultant for two P&G brands (Iams & Eukanuba), BP – Castrol, and Dow Chemical. Additionally, Jeremy is a specialist in the area of XML feeds and also is an industry thought leader in the area of Enterprise Search Shelf Space™.

Prior to joining the Global Strategies team, Jeremy was Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Position Technologies, a leading provider of paid inclusion services for Yahoo and Overture. At Position Technologies, Jeremy oversaw all global marketing activities and was the team lead for the company's top clients including Proctor & Gamble and Staples.

In 2003, Jeremy acted as the team lead in developing the next generation of Overture's paid inclusion programs – Overture Site Match and Overture Site Match Exchange. Jeremy is a frequently speaker at industry conferences on the subject of enterprise search engine marketing.

Before join Position Technologies, Jeremy was a founding member of Marketleap, a leading internet marketing firm. Marketleap was acquired by Digital Impact in July of 2004.