SmarterTools, Inc. Jeff Hardy
Vice President of Business Operations
SmarterTools, Inc.

SmarterTools, Inc.

Jeff Hardy came to the Technology industry through printing and publications-having contracted to create and publish instruction and marketing content for several IT and Aerospace companies. Mr. Hardy founded and operated his own company for over eight years before taking a position at a financial services company where he helped take that company public and participated in a series of mergers and acquisitions. He has written and presented extensively on a variety of topics, including business, economics, and content creation and delivery.

Mr. Hardy is the Vice President of Business Operations for SmarterTools Inc.-a multi-million dollar software company based in Phoenix, Arizona that develops and markets Web-based applications to streamline and automate the communications channels and IT functions for businesses in over one hundred countries. Currently, SmarterTools is bringing its SmarterTrack complete customer service software application to SaaS delivery.