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A serial entrepreneur with a passion for the Internet's commercial and social networking possibilities, Greg Hartnett has played an integral role in shaping the online search industry. As president of Best of the Web, "the Internet's oldest directory," Hartnett manages a team of 50 full- and part-time editors. He also pursues new business development opportunities that will expand the search features and content offerings associated with the Best of the Web brand. Thus far, Greg has successfully launched two subsidiary ventures, the Best of the Web Blog Directory, a searchable index of the best blogs available online, and BOTW Local, a user-driven guide to businesses in cities throughout the US. In addition, Hartnett serves as the media spokesman for Best of the Web.

In addition to his role at Best of the Web, Greg also serves as the CEO of Hotel Hotline. Founded in 1998, Hotel Hotline specializes in providing users with discount hotel reservations in cities throughout the world. With over 40,000 properties to choose from, users can find discount rates on hotels at one of the company's online travel sites or through its call centers. The company's proprietary database of hotels and exclusive deals ensure users can find one of a kind deals on top properties worldwide. Since inception, Hotel Hotline has done over one hundred million dollars in sales.

Greg studied at Hofstra University. A husband, father, and outdoor enthusiast, he makes his home in Northern California.