Frank Bauer
Chief Mechanic
Web Tuning Garage
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Web Tuning Garage

Frank Bauer has always been a student of technology and knows how everything works or where to find the answer. He has been hacking code ever since he was a small boy a long, long time ago in a place far, far away. This code affliction started with APL, which is a creative initialism for "A Programming Language" and looks like Greek to most. He earned a degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from a very old and reputable institute of multiple engineering disciplines. Much of the professional hackage was CAD/CAM software. In a previous century he installed his first Apache server and then after waiting his entire life he found Perl, then Linux and MySQL and a LAMP was lit. Since then Frank has been programming web servers, most of which used his top secret Content Management System. Frank is known to some as phranque, a Moderator of the Perl CGI and Webmaster General forums at where he has been a member for over 6 years. As Chief Mechanic of Web Tuning Garage, Frank specializes in technical SEO, canonicalization issues, validation and accessibility. He also advises clients on their Social Media efforts and develops the occasional web application. He is easily distracted by shiny tools and "magic", also known as "unexplained technology". Frank loves music and is an avid Patron of the Arts. He lives in a house with a spouse and a couple of offspring. And cats. And prefers a craft-brewed hoppy ale, thanks.