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Freelance Affiliate Marketer
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Elisabeth Archambault is a freelance affiliate marketer who hails from the prairies of Canada. A former college instructor, Elisabeth first worked on the internet while serving as content editor for online courses developed by Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, Manitoba. Between contracts she discovered affiliate marketing and has been self-employed since 2001.

Elisabeth values the flexibility that affiliate marketing provides, because it lets her devote time to community causes. One of the projects of which she is most proud is serving as co-chair of the Westman Recycling Council for several years, during which Brandon's recycling program expanded to become one of the most progressive in North America.

Now living in rural Manitoba, Elisabeth participates in a number of discussion boards, and is a moderator at Webmaster World writing under the name "Buckworks" (her first website was She has a particular interest in the ethics of online marketing. In November of 2002, she delivered an affiliate's-eye view presentation ( to the summit meeting held by LinkShare, Commission Junction, Performics and BeFree to discuss the topic of predatory advertising and lay the groundwork for an Affiliate Code of Conduct.