Doyal Bryant
CEO and Co-Founder (UBL.ORG)
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Doyal Bryant is an entrepreneurial, proven, self-motivated, dynamic leader possessing the experience and business savvy that comes with a 35+ year track record in Telecom, Investment Banking and New Media businesses and has been successful in driving business growth through aggressive sales and product development. Doyal’s strong network includes leading media companies, start-ups within the e-business and technology industries, with executive contacts within local search, vertical directories, yellow pages, media, and related technologies. Doyal is currently serving as CEO, Co-Founder, & Board of Directors for Universal Business Listing / Name Dynamics. Inc. which provides businesses with an easy and inexpensive ability to enter enhanced business listing and profile data about their company in one place and have that data be distributed uniformly to all major Internet Business Listings Directories, as well as a strong focus on business identity around it’s claiming, visibility, and reputation management, for Online Yellow Pages, Search Engines, Local Portals and 411 Directory Assistance. Under Doyal’s direction the company is rapidly expanding internationally with its service offerings going into Canada and Europe.