Mirago Derek Preston
Chief Technology Officer


Derek was a founder member of the Mirago team and is in charge of steering Mirago's research and development strategy. As Chief Technology Officer he is responsible for the indexing, search and advertising systems used by Mirago. Prior to Mirago, he led the project to develop Compsoft's flagship client server relational database products. His experience ranges from Assembler to C++ and spans two decades of developing data analysis and data management software.

Colleagues recollect hearing Derek say in 1996 "...what I would find really interesting is to get the chance to manipulate huge amounts of data...". Well, he certainly got his wish. Today he tends to spend his time crunching data on Terabyte servers, whilst discussing the intricacies of the search algorithms and the latest attempts to spam the index. Bliss!

Derek also tends to be the public face of Mirago at the various Search Engine conferences and SEO meetings. If you meet him at one of those events, he will happily talk to you for hours about the pleasures of indexing "...huge amounts of data...".

Outside of work, Derek's interests include coral reef and wreck diving with family who live in Bermuda and cross country cycling in the UK. At weekends in the summer he can be found cooking a barbeque for family and friends, together with Pimm's No 1... of course!