BrandVerity, Inc. David Naffziger
President & CEO
BrandVerity, Inc.
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BrandVerity, Inc.

David Naffziger is President and CEO of BrandVerity, an online trademark monitoring firm. BrandVerity provides best-of-breed tools that monitor global brands and identify online trademark abuse. BrandVerity's first product, PoachMark, provides a complete PPC trademark monitoring solution for and merchants, their affiliate managers and their compliance departments.

David was formerly the VP of Engineering at Judy's Book, a venture-backed reviews-based yellow pages and social network. Judy's Book maintained affiliate relationships with a number of major e-retailers and experienced firsthand the abuse of online trademarks.

Prior to Judy's Book, David co-founded and ran the Internet geolocation technology team at Quova, the provider of Internet geolocation technology to Google, Yahoo and MSN. The search engines use Quova's technology to geotarget PPC advertisements. Quova's largest customers were online fraud departments of major e-commerce companies and helped David develop a first-hand understanding of the fraudster mindset.

David received his BS from MIT.