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SiteLab International, Inc.

Dana Todd is one of the original founders of SiteLab International Inc. (SITELAB), a full service interactive agency based in La Jolla, California.

SiteLab provides a broad suite of services in the Internet space: online marketing, search engine consulting and optimization, award-winning design, robust programming and online business tools. Since 1997, Dana Todd has led its online marketing team in developing a deep understanding of search engine marketing and highly effective online media buying, with particular emphasis on efficient cost-per-click and keyword-based ad delivery.

Press, industry analysts and technology leaders frequently tap Ms. Todd for her knowledge of the search engine marketplace, particularly paid placement and paid inclusion. She reports on the widely-varied and frequently changing industry that allows advertisers and brands to "buy their way to the top" of the search engines. Ms. Todd regularly appears as a top-ranked speaker at international conferences such as Search Engine Strategies, @d:Tech and DMA.

Dana Todd talks candidly about the pros and cons of leading search engine marketing programs, and speaks from experience. Her passion for helping clients understand and dominate the search space, while still upholding core branding principles, has helped evolve SiteLab's methodologies and best practices in Web site development and media buying. The creative team works to balance search engine friendly design with graphic strength and intuitive navigation. The online marketing team plans and implements metrics-driven media campaigns for business and consumer product clients such as Gateway, TurboTax, WD-40 and Hot Spring Spa.

Ms. Todd collected seventeen years of experience in journalism and advertising, starting as a newspaper journalist and editor before switching to advertising. She spent four years as an advertising account manager and consultant, specializing in high technology and biotechnology clientele. She joined the company in 1996 (then called Bien Logic), and helped spin off SiteLab in 1997.

Ms. Todd holds a Bachelor of Journalism in Advertising (ABJ) from University of Georgia (1991).