Dana Lookadoo
SEO Consultant, Trainer
Yo! Yo! SEO
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Yo! Yo! SEO

Dana Lookadoo started her career in website development and online marketing in 1996. She has 17 years of corporate experience with degrees in Telecommunications, Multimedia & Applied Computing and Business Administration with a minor in Instructional Technology. Dana taught Web Design at Cal State University, Monterey Bay and has conducted numerous corporate and technical training courses. She authored a 100-page book for Sun Microsystems, "Traveling the Internet," a guide for how to travel safely and securely on the Web. She began "playing" with SEO in 1999 and has been focused on search engine optimization since 2003.

As an SEO consultant, Dana works closely with mid- to large-size companies to help them plan and develop their search engagement efforts - from information architecture, SEO, content writing to social media engagement.

Dana is a guest writer for a number of search marketing blogs and is active in the search industry.