Chris Moore
Senior Program Manager
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Chris Moore is a Senior Program Manager for Developer Division at Microsoft in Redmond, responsible for the global SEO strategy for MSDN and the Microsoft Visual Studio Online cloud developer services. His team is responsible for websites with millions of regular search referrals, tens of millions of pages and hundreds of content writers.

Chris has 10 years of experience at Microsoft, the past 4 of which have focused on running in house SEO teams, establishing and driving processes for multi-lingual content optimization, identifying and designing site SEO engineering enhancements and analyzing HUGE amounts of search data from Microsoft websites.

Chris also regularly presents internally at Microsoft to share SEO best practices and strategy with many of the company's global website managers and marketers.

Chris has previously worked for Microsoft UK, where he has several years of experience of managing content localization vendors, as well as plenty of hands on experience as a website developer/site manager.