Range Online Media Cheryle Pingel
Co-Founder and Chairman
Range Online Media

Range Online Media

Specializing in Internet advertising and research marketing, Cheryle Pingel is the cofounder and Chairman of Range Online Media. She and fellow cofounder Misty Locke successfully took Range Online Media from concept to one of the online industry's leading search marketing agencies.

Cheryle has fifteen years of experience in marketing, retail, small business management, and online services. Today she directs online marketing campaigns for industry-leading online travel services and retailers such as CompUSA, Wyndham International, and other Fortune 1000 companies.

Cheryle also has experience as a freelance writer, publishing articles in major magazines, including Working Woman, Self, Glamour, and Family Travel.

An internationally recognized expert in the Internet marketing industry, Cheryle is a regular speaker and presenter on online advertising and search marketing topics at leading industry trade shows and conferences. She has written a number of articles on online search marketing for media and advertising publications. Cheryle is a graduate of Texas Tech University, where she received a BA in Journalism.