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As an online marketing expert and Internet pioneer, Brian Combs specializes in bringing measurability to marketing. In May 2009, Brian founded ionadas local to help geographically-focused companies to be found on the internet.

Before this, he was Founder, Senior Vice President and Chief Futurist at Apogee Search, the largest search engine marketing firm in the southwest, where he was tasked with charting the firms path through the choppy, and constantly changing, waters of the online marketing sea. Prior to founding Apogee Search, Brian was Director of Marketing and Business Development for Journyx, the leading provider of web-based time and expense management solutions. At Journyx, he oversaw all marketing and strategic partnership activities. Prior to this, he was the Senior Market Analyst in the strategic planning group of Globeset, an Austin software developer backed by Citibank, American Express, Chase Manhattan and Compaq Computer. At Globeset, Brian was responsible for detecting trends and predicting changes within the financial services industry.

His opinions on the future of the web and Internet marketing have been included in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and The SEO Bible by Jerri Ledford. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences and events.