Google Brian Axe
Product Management Director


Brian Axe, director of product management leads the AdSense for content business at Google. Brian joined Google in late 2002 and during his first few months, launched the AdSense business, an idea an engineer created with his 20% time to use search technology to place targeted ads on webpages. As evidenced by the ubiquity of "Ads by
Google" on the web, AdSense reaches more users with relevant and usefull ads than any other ad network world-wide. These ads, not only on web pages, but also in applications like Gmail support innovation and content creation within Google and across the web.

Prior to joining Google, Brian founded Zaplet (now MetricStream), a Kleiner Perkins, Vinod Khosla start-up bringing email based
applications to market. Brian led product management for GolfWeb (now the golf section of Sportsline), and previously held product positions
at HP, and IBM. Brian holds a B.S. from UCLA and a M.S. from Stanford.