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Direct Match Media

I was told once the key to writing a great bio was to write from the perspective of your mother. I decided to go one step further and have her actually write it for me. Enjoy!

As a full-time college student, Ben Cook started working as an SEO for Proquest Technologies in late 2004. It turned out to be something he was good at and that he enjoyed. So, instead of completing his BA in history, like some of us thought he should, Ben worked full-time on SEO (an acronym he repeatedly explained to me).

He kept at it, running an online SEO forum, becoming SEO manager for Network Solutions 2008-2010, discussing SEO and his web sites on local radio and TV blurbs, presenting at BlueGlass TPA, BlogWorld, Grow Small Business and multiple Pubcons.

In 2010 he founded (and is President of) Direct Match Media and just this year he founded to help small businesses market online. His business is growing (he even convinced his dad to come work for him in 2012), and I couldn't be prouder of him, although you could mention to him that it's always good to have that diploma to fall back on...