Bios Alexander Barbara
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Alexander Barbara is the founder of EasyTweets, a web-based Twitter marketing tool currently being used by thousands of internet marketers and business owners worldwide. EasyTweets makes it easy to promote your business, monitor your brands, and take complete control of Twitter without hiring a full time employee just to do it. Alexander developed and launched EasyTweets in July 2008; since then, EasyTweets has become an essential tool for many successful internet marketers.

Alexander has been living and breathing internet marketing for the past five years, with a particular interest in finding easy ways to manage seemingly complex tasks. Alexander has been passionate about computers since he was a child, and began developing software more than two decades ago. In his prior life, Alexander served eight years as a submarine officer in the U.S. Navy and was certified as a Nuclear Submarine Engineer Officer by the U.S. Department of Energy Bureau of Naval Reactors. Alexander holds a degree in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering from Cornell University.