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Aaron Phillips is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for LayeredTech. Known around the office as simply "AP" (derived from the initials of his name), his responsibilities include online marketing, management of an inside sales group, new product launches, and solution engineering. At a recent trade show, Aaron picked up a new nickname utilizing a series of acronyms from his name, title, and new company name and is sometimes called AP-VP-of-LT.

With a technical background in server administration, Aaron has been in the web hosting industry since 1999 which introduced him to shared hosting. After realizing the dramatic shift to low cost shared hosting plans, Aaron and associated team members launched FastServers.Net as a managed dedicated server company. FastServers.Net focuses on providing reliable hosting solutions through dedicated platforms and managed services such as server monitoring, administration, security services, managed backups, and many more services. The company has branded these services as “DEFCON Management Services” and bundles one of the five levels with their standard dedicated server offerings. With the tremendous success of FastServers.Net the focus of managed hosting has recently shifted to enterprise level solutions and complex hosting platforms. In an effort to move towards enterprise level hosting and complex solutions, Aaron has led a team through this shift in bringing together both technology, marketing messages, and transforming the companies message from solutions tailored to single server dedicated server to massive clusters, grid computing, and complex multi-data center hosting solutions.

We asked Aaron what he likes most about working at FastServers.Net. "The thing that I love most about FastServers.Net is the overall passion and commitment from everyone that works here. Our management team has had great success at picking a winning team that is hard working and cares about what they do." Aaron said the company is a purpose driven environment and the people that make up FastServers.Net know that what they do has meaning in the world.