B2B Companies Need To Create Thought Leadership Content

Most B2B marketers understand the SEO and business value of a strong content marketing campaign. However, understanding why it’s important and understanding how to leverage it are two

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different things, and it is not always as easy to make the jump from planning to executing. One of the most important things for B2B marketers to remember when executing a content marketing campaign is that they need to keep their ego out of it and focus on producing thought leadership content.


The end goal of SEO is to increase visitor growth via unbranded keywords to your company’s website. While branded visitor growth is important, B2B companies need an influx of new potential customers finding their website, even if they have never interacted with your brand. However, what reason have you given these new customers to trust your brand? While ranking well in the search engines might drive more traffic to your site, just because they clicked over that doesn’t mean they are convinced they want to do business with you. Your content has to prove something to those new visitors — it has to prove that your company can

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meet their needs and fix their problems. It’s not about your company! That is why it’s so important to take your ego out of your B2B content marketing campaign. While it’s OK to talk your products and services up every once in a while (say one out of 10 blog posts can be promotional), your content should really focus on educating your target audience, not selling your products. Creating content that shares valuable information with your target audience is a critical component of building consumer trust.


So what kind of thought leadership content should a B2B company create? The first (and arguably most valuable content a brand can create) is the company blog. Not only is the company blog great

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from an SEO standpoint as each individual post can rank for important keywords, it is also a great way to educate the visitors that are coming to your site while still keeping them on and clicking through your site. Your blog can become a trusted source of information for your readers and gives them a reason to continually interact with your brand. B2B companies should also look into guest blogging on industry sites, which is a good way to introduce your brand to a wider percentage of your target audience and build valuable inbound links. Both large and popular industry blogs, as well as smaller blogs, are a great place for your brand to publish thought leadership content that will help build your online presence.


Case studies, another popular form of B2B content, can be both good and bad for thought leadership

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depending on how promotional they are. Customer case studies are valuable assets for customers that are nearing the end of their buying cycle and want to see your products in action, but they aren’t necessarily the best for new visitors that don’t know anything about your brand. Informational case studies or industry research reports are a great link bait strategy because they can get picked up, cited and reviewed by other industry writers and bloggers. B2B brands should focus on creating content that is going to get the attention of their target audience and links from valuable sources. Informational content is much more likely to make a splash than promotional content.


It’s important that B2B companies remember that their content is not about them, it’s about the customer. If you want to become an industry authority you have to give people a reason to trust your brand — and that comes with a content marketing campaign that focuses on thought leadership. While promotional content has value for both SEO and brand building, it shouldn’t dominate your content marketing strategy.


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