Alex Pyatetsky of The HOTH Shares Link Building Strategies

Pubcon video content producer Vanessa Zamora caught up with The HOTH co-founder, Alex Pyatetsky. The HOTH, an outsourced search engine optimization (SEO) link building company for agencies and publishers, has been in business for just over a year and has already completed work on several thousand campaigns providing links based on URLs or targeted keywords provided by the client. Additionally, Pyatetsky shared that the company is working on the first ever American copywriter-powered end-to-end link building product that will be out in the next few months.

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Pyatetsky shared a link building pyramid based on the food pyramid model, broken up into three parts and intended to provide a balanced approach to any link building campaign. The first and most broad level is the “friends, family, and fools” category, wherein Pyatetsky suggested the first step to link building is to contact those within your network to request a mention in their blog roll for the sake of getting some kind of foundational authority. This category includes investors, stake holders, industry trade groups, vendors and family member websites, Pyatetsky added. The second category are links acquired by “online activity”. This category includes targeting relevant blogs by following them with an RSS reader and commenting once a relevant article is published, Pyatetsky said. For greater impact, instead of commenting using a targeted keyword in place of your name, Pyatetsky suggested listing your name and company so that in addition to gaining a link back to the corresponding website you are also more likely to make the blogger familiar with who you are which can potentially lead to more marketing opportunities. By creating intelligent and well-thought-out comments that reflect well on the blogger, not only is a person able to gain respect from that blogger, Pyatetsky shared, but this can also lead to guest post opportunities that often lead to recognition, PR, and more exposure for your brand. The only problem with the second category of link building is that it’s labor-intensive. The top category of the link building pyramid is where the extremely precise, aggressive, scalable link building tactics take place, Pyatetsky said. The HOTH and social bookmarks provide users the ability to target what website pages to target, target specific keywords, and build links more quickly and efficiently, Pyatetsky said, who added that the HOTH provides a solution that provides access to content created by actual writers so the links have relevant affiliated content. It takes all three parts to form an effective link building strategy, Pyatetsky concluded.