Advanced Link Building with Todd Malicoat

Why are links so important? As years go by and algorithms change, off-site links are continually included as a determining factor for page quality. Understand the current climate of link building and don’t rely on tactics that worked six years ago. Strategy evolves with experience. Google + and

Todd Malicoat: SEO Faculty Chair

Todd Malicoat: SEO Faculty Chair

authorship have both been vital in proving that users want quality links and quality sites.

Every keyword is a battle! Obstacles like link ninjas and Google pandas are combating your link efforts. You have to have tracking, goals, and analysis as pillars of your link building strategy. Think about it. How many links do you need to be competitive? Pick low opposition keywords rather than the big keyword. Narrow the short tail keywords as you build a quality link profile.

The Link Building Process:

Asking for a link is like asking for business. Outreach is an essential part of building a quality, diverse link portfolio, but asking for a link is not the simple task it used to be—you need to have



something to offer. What can you offer as a linkeable asset? Are you creating or sharing infographics? Recruit industry bloggers to blog about a giveaway or contest, and have them all link back to you and share it with their networks. Also, checking out links on websites can prove valuable–if you find a broken link, you can e-mail the webmaster and ask if they would mind putting your working link in its place. It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

Understand your competition. Establish a list of your best competitors, and look into their link profile. Find out what they are doing and use their tactics in your own link building. Populate a CRM and track your efforts to chart improvements you make along the way. Develop a discovery process and look for the easiest links to get for your site.

Link equity and understanding link value is an important process. Understand the costs and the benefits of links. PPC to test, SEO for long term, and social for SEO should be the overall scheme. Discount codes, contests, specialized content, and other creative techniques can be used to give your website an edge over competitors in terms of social sharing, link building, and more.

Prospecting for links varies by searching for people and searching for sites. Social media has helped us recognize people and put faces to the process. Guest posting on a website or on someone else’s blog is a great way to tap into a new audience. You must have creativity, tools, tracking, and advanced queries.

Three points to remember:

Strong opposition analysis skills- know how hard it is to rank for a particular keyword



Realistic expectation setting based on experience- don’t promise to deliver more than you can

Setting/managing/delivering on expectations

Remember, the art of link building is like the art of fishing: it uses timing, approach, bait, location, patience, and practice.