Pubcon, the premier optimization and new media conference, has thousands of die-hard fans and dedicated supporters who attend Pubcon events religiously year after year.http://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon17.png

Industry insiders, business owners and chief executives, founders and corporate presidents join social media and search engine company engineers and programmers alongside marketing and affiliate program professionals from around the world to attend Pubcon. Here are some of their testimonials and comments about Pubcon.

“Pubcon is like the CES of the Internet marketing world. Their conferences attract international marketers, which make it possible to meet and connect with brilliant people from all over the world. They also provide the unique opportunity to learn about almost any facet of digital marketing, making it the perfect conference for both novice and experienced marketers.” — Jon Henshaw, Raven Tools co-founder

“Pubcon is a great way for Web professionals to connect in a seriously effective and down-to-do earth manner.” — Craig Newmark, Craigslist founder

“I go to many conferences each year strictly for the networking opportunities, but I go to Pubcon to learn, and to network. I’ve been attending Pubcon conferences since 2003, as an attendee, later as a speaker, and for the last few years as a sponsor. By far, the biggest ROI in knowledge gained, sales gained, and connections gained are from Pubcon conferences. If I could only go to one conference event a year, I’d go to Pubcon Las Vegas.” — Jim Boykin, Internet Marketing Ninjas CEO and WebmasterWorld.com owner

“I attend or speak at a lot of conferences. But Pubcon is special, because of the amount of energy it generates and the quantity of immediately-useful information it delivers.” — Dr. Robert Cialdini, “Influence: Science & Practice” bestselling author

“There is just something special about Pubcon!” — conference veteran Barry Schwartz

“I send one or two people to every major conference — I send my entire team to Pubcon.” — Gillian Muessig, SEOmoz president and co-founder

“Pubcon offers a number of educational and insightful sessions. With the great speaker sessions that http://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon15.pngare lined up, and the great conference location in Las Vegas, you’ll definitely want to be there.” — Jennifer Farwell, Yahoo

“Pubcon is a fast track to a wealth of cutting-edge education and to finding great personalities to follow on Twitter. Tons of the greatest minds and achievers in the interactive marketing space are on-hand to either attend or present.” — Stephen Chapman, ZDNet

“Not only would I go to Pubcon again, but I would pay my own way if my company didn’t send me.” — Scott Cowley

“Pubcon is my favorite conference hands down for one simple reason. Networking. Pubcon creates a unique environment which makes it easy for even the most shy attendee to meet, get to know and befriend other attendees. When this networking environment is combined with the great information being delivered, you can’t help but come away with a positive ROI on your investment of time and money.” — Alan K’necht, K’nechtology Inc. founder and presidenthttp://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon02.png

“Pubcon is just as much a reunion as it is a conference, only this reunion is open enrollment.” — Scott Cowley

“We are only 1/2 way through the very first session ‪@Pubcon‬ and I already feel like I’ve got my money’s worth from ‪@Jason‬’s keynote!” — @beachrockinc‬

“The info being shared at ‪@Pubcon‬ is brilliant, as always!” — @ErinJones

“Day two was the single best conference day ever.” — @mteren‬

“Unbelievable week, incredibly smart people and very well-run.” — @thealexras‬

“The number one thing I love about Pubcon is that it seems everyone makes it out to the conference. Pubcon offers an amazing quality of speakers in a fun city, with equally-amazing parties and networking opportunities. Everyone is willing to chat and make connections.” — Matt Siltala, Dream Systems Media owner and chief media officer

“I’m looking forward to the great brains that are going to Pubcon. From social media to search, this is the conference of the year." — Steve Plunkett, advertising agency and public relations firm M/C/C director of search

“I learned more in a few hours at Pubcon than I did reading forums for a few years.” — Adam Riemer

“Pubcon rocks. I love this conference because because it’s unique in bridging the ability to both http://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon05.pngmarket and monetize content. I’ve not found another community so well represented by tech — seriously geeky folks, plus affiliate — some would say the best marketers in the world, search and social.” — Marty Weintraub, online advertising agency aimClear president

“Pubcon is my favorite conference, both as an attendee and as a speaker. At too many other conferences social media advice is all unicorns-and-rainbows, but at Pubcon you get real data, tactics and examples. I’m super glad to see Pubcon start to experiment with new formats.” — Dan Zarrella, HubSpot.com viral marketing scientist

“As a long-time attendee and speaker, I know that Pubcon’s audience is on the cutting edge of Internet marketing. Pubcon’s spotlight sessions allow me to go into more depth, and they ensure more time for audience questions. A win, win for everyone.” — Andy Beal, Trackur chief executive and Marketing Pilgrim founder

“Pubcon audiences are there to learn.” — Tim Ash, bestselling author and SiteTuners.com chief executive

“The Pubcon crowd has some of the savviest people I’ve ever met, and I’m looking for some potent interaction.” — Ted Ulle, senior search analyst of Converseon, Inc.http://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon04.png

“Pubcon Vegas has become the one conference that I cannot miss. Pubcon attracts the best talent from around the world, and the education and networking is unprecedented. It’s a no-brainer for us to sponsor and support such an amazing event.” — Jon Henshaw, Raven Internet Marketing Tools co-creator and product manager

“Pubcon is an excellent gathering of top brass from the online search and social media realms.” — Matt Genovese, founder of Door64

“Pubcon is the show of the year for me — it’s the best Internet marketing conference because of who attends, who speaks, what they say, and how much they give away.” — Rob Snell, managing partner at online business and marketing firm Snell Brothers Consulting and noted speaker

“The Pubcon audience has always been one of the most open and inviting groups of people to speak http://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon09.pngto. This conference brings together some of the best minds that want nothing more than to help business people understand and use Internet marketing optimally to reach their audience.” — Kate Morris, SEO consultant at Distilled Consulting

“Pubcon has always had a roll-up-your-sleeves audience of professionals who are on the front lines of online marketing.” — Tim Ash, bestselling author and SiteTuners.com chief executive

“A smart audience who engage, enjoy and are fellow geeks? Bring it on!” — Scott Stratten, social media firm  UnMarketing’s president and popular Twitter personality

“I had the best time ever at Pubcon. As a first timer, it was very helpful and the people I met were amazing. I will be back next year.” — Julie Parrish

“Updating my tools after a great Pubcon. I had a great time for my first visit.” @dtwgreg

“Pubcon 2009 was a great learning experience and has helped revive my business in these rough times. Thanks to all the speakers for sharing.” @DogsofDesignhttp://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon10.png

“Back from a great Pubcon conference last week, now working on implementing all the amazing tips and tricks we learned.” @vizionweb

“Pubcon was awesome. Thanks so much for putting on the best Internet marketing conference ever.” @ConradJohnson

“I think this year’s Pubcon was one of my favorites. Less ‘speaking’ and more ‘conversating’ :-)” — Andy Beal, Trackur chief executive and Marketing Pilgrim founder

“Thank you Pubcon for putting together the best SEO conference of the year!” @seoadvice

“The Pubcon networking lunch hosted by speakers went great. I was really pleased with the turnout http://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon11.pngand discussion and greatly appreciated the efforts by Pubcon in promoting the lunch.” — Michael Dorausch, Planet Chiropractic president and founder

“If you haven’t been to Pubcon, put it at the top of your list next year. Hitchhike. Couch surf. Barter. Blackmail. Whatever it takes, just get there!.” — Scott Cowley

“Pubcon rocked! Impressive people were: Tim Ash, Joe Laratro, Michael Streko, Bruce Clay, Carolyn Shelby, Michael Wolf, David Ogletree and more.” @LBMarketing

“I had a valuable Pubcon week. Eye opening. Will go again, for certain.” @LaurieMacomber

“Hats off to every Pubcon attendee — you all made it the best conference ever.” — Ted Ulle, senior search analyst of Converseon, Inc.

“Great Pubcon this year. I got a lot out of it! Thanks.” @websuccessteam

“Left Pubcon inspired and excited to try out some of the new social media and SEO tactics. Many thanks to the organizers and presenters!” @MichellePatehttp://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon16.png

“My mind is spinning since Pubcon. So many great ideas, not sure where to start.” @OutrageousSteve
“If you are in the Web site/SEO/SEM space check out Pubcon.com for one of the best conferences on the circuit.” @schachin

“Pubcon is one of the last shows where you can go in thinking you know absolutely everything there is to know about a particular channel of marketing and leave realizing how much more there actually is to learn.” — Adam Riemer

“I had a blast at Pubcon. Was surrounded with great info by creative people like @wesleywinston @ericbramlett @webtuning.” @Bluebonic

“Finally home from Pubcon. Inspired, refreshed, stoked, and $1000 richer. Man what a trip! I think I only slept six hours all week.” @surfer9joe

“Had a great time at Pubcon. Met a lot of great people! More social than conference. :-)” @seoadvice

“Another great Pubcon down on the books… Like I said yesterday, Pubcon is the conference for http://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon03.pngpeople who speak at conferences!” — @opie

“Great conference. Next time I’ll bring out whole team!” @patricksingson

“My eighth Pubcon. Had the best audience level yet” @adamlongfellow

“Great week for PeekYou.com at Pubcon! Nothing like a big week of work, learning, networking and a little partying as well!” @PeekYou

“Thanks to Pubcon team for another great conference.” @leeodden

“With an A list group of speakers, mostly made up of people who actually do the work instead of executives who talk out of their “you know what”, Pubcon is simply a must attend for anyone serious about online marketing.” — Adam Riemer

“Thanks all who had a hand in organizing such an awesome conference.” @Pimpthisbum

“Great Pubcon classic earlier today. Perfect venue, huge selection of craft beers, lots of conversation with old friends and new.” @rogerdooleyhttp://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon07.png

“Our Pubcon experience may have been the highlight of the year” @socialnetninjas

“Cheers to Pubcon, Pubcon Speakers, and Pubcon attendees that were all so great throughout the week.” — Jeff Schroeffel

“Best. Pubcon. Ever.” @IncrediBILL

“I just went to Pubcon and got some great info.” @cliquekaila

“Pubcon was fantastic. Fave sessions were @zappos opening speech, @joannalord’s landing page optimization and more.” @jennifergosse

“There is something about the vibe of Pubcon that just makes people want to smile and have fun while actually working and networking at the same time.” — Adam Riemer

“This has been a great conference. Awesome sessions and @josephmorin hosts the best parties ever.” @KristaNeher

“I must have gained two dozen new twitter followers since Pubcon.” @StoneyD

“Awesome Pubcon in Vegas. Met loads of folks and am getting ready to push the Internet Marketing http://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon18.pngbusiness into high gear!” @dtwgreg

“The Pubcon conference not only taught me more about the industry as a whole but it provided validation and a sense of community.” — Donna Snow

“I am looking forward to speaking at Pubcon because this is where Social Media becomes ‘Social’. Interacting with people face to face is how relationships are built and ideas are born.” — Peter Arceo, Las Vegas Hilton executive director of casino marketing

“Meeting folks in person is the best part of Pubcon!” — Roger Dooley

“So my CTO and marketing guys came back from Pubcon and complained that ’75 percent of what we heard at Pubcon we already knew.’ I said great, lets talk about that awesome 25 percent and how we are going to apply it in our day-to-day business.” — Major Internet property CEO and two-time Pubcon attendee

“Pubcon Austin was great. Incredible content, speakers and networking. If you were not there, you missed out.” — Scott Polk

“Thanks for a great Pubcon!” @googleandblog

“I’m so impressed with the quality of the content by Pubcon speakers. This is a great value conference.” — Lisa Riolohttp://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon19.png

“Looking forward to applying Pubcon knowledge at work.” @kristamq

“Pubcon. The whole world is watching.” @amaustin

“Just came back from Pubcon South and am trying to implement all the new and hot ideas I brought back.” — Jenna Schneider

“Great Pubcon today!” — Zachry Fragapane

“Pubcon was the first conference where Twitter played a huge roll.” — Amanda Stewart

“Absolutely awesome presentations.” @esoomllub

“I’m learning 1000 percent more about Twitter than I did yesterday because of Pubcon.” — Les Mcgehee

“Thanks Pubcon for the two days. Learned a lot!” @nerdyandrew

“Loving Pubcon. There are some of the smartest, coolest search and social media people here right http://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon01.pngnow.” — Melanie Mitchell

“Every area Pubcon delves into is deep. The site reviews are classic and the conference organizers have their act together. Each year Pubcon Las Vegas is on my shortest of short list. It’s got a flavor all it’s own.” — Marty Weintraub, online advertising agency aimClear president

“Google’s Matt Cutts rocked this morning in Pubcon.” — Hasit Ruparel

“Pubcon was awesome!” @humbyc

“Pubcon was a great conference.” — Tony N. Wright

“CopyBlogger – Brian Clark – Your talk at Pubcon was worth the whole price of admission!” @ohyeahsteve

“Pubcon was awesome.” @pscherer

“Thanks for a spectacular conference once again.” — Amanda Stewart

“Had an incredible experience at Pubcon. Thanks everybody for your knowledge shared!” @ScottieT76

“Great event, met lots of good folks and discovered new companies. Thanks again!” @dabrinkhttp://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon06.png

“Thank you Pubcon for terrific times!” @chiropractic

“Pubcon was a fantastic show. Top-notch speakers who actually shared their knowledge. Dare I say this is the best search conference out there?” — Jody Nimetz

“Thanks for an awesome Pubcon! I learned lots, met awesome people and had so much fun!” — Shari McConahay

“Don’t know where I would be without the Pubcon friends.” @jamaicatom

“Planning on Vegas – haven’t missed a U.S.-based Pubcon since Boston 2003.” — Adam Jewell

“I thought that getting Pubcon insight was way cool.” @eyguy

“Estimated Twitter apps I will have after Pubcon: hundreds.” — Wes Bailey

http://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon08.png“Really glad I swung by Pubcon, it wasn’t originally in the cards, but great crowd.” — Greg Cangialosi

“The Pubcon crowd! This room is packed.” — Wayne Sutton

“Very glad that Pubcon showed just how great a search marketing show can be.” — Brian P. Combs

“I love Pubcon people.” — Lee Odden

“Digging the Super Session panel at Pubcon. Great minds on and off stage.” @opie

“Pubcon’s sessions were full of information on implementable strategies and how you could tie them into your own marketing efforts.” — Adam Riemer

“Pubcon – always enjoyed that conference. Good, intense search talk and good people.” @joeduck

“Pubcon was very good! I learned a lot today, took plenty of notes, and have some ideas for work.” — Keith Goodehttp://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon12.png

“Some of the stuff at Pubcon was over my head. But it’s a good place to learn.” — Dena Davis

“Amazing hospitality at Pubcon. Really happy to have attended sessions with local businesses looking to learn.” — George Bounacos

“I love Pubcon.” — Joanna Lord

“Pubcon was awesome today. Love it.” — Griffin Granberg

“Pubcon has been a great blend of traditional SEO/SEM with a huge component of social media.” — Roger Dooley

“Back from Pubcon – so many notes, so many new tools to check out.” @volusion

“We had the best damn time at Pubcon. Thanks to everyone who said hi and shared a beer. You made http://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon13.pngour trip!” — Lisa Barone

“Pubcon was awesome.” @jamaicatom

“Just counted 29 pages of notes from Pubcon. what an amazing event. Thank you!” — Ricci Neer

“Had a great time at Pubcon and met some great people.” @rjaworski

“Wow, you don’t realize how many Pubcon notes you took until you actually start opening all the files – good stuff.” @volusion

“Fantastic Pubcon meetup. Old friends, new faces, hard working SEOs all sharing: ideas flying everywhere. Great to see and hear it.” @SEOmom

“I’ve been to hundreds of conferences over the years. The ones that are still around today are those that can provide long term value to sponsors and attendees. Multi-year sponsorship contracts prove that conferences have lasting and durable value for all concerned.” — John Battelle, Federated Media Publishing founder and chairman

“I went to Pubcon for the first time last year, and it was an outstanding conference. I learned a ton and met many super smart people.” — Don Campbellhttp://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon14.png

“Pubcon Las Vegas always has some fun parties and events going on.” — Brian LaFrance

“For website designers, creative directors, CMOs, CEOs and agencies out there who want insight into the latest in the social media, search and Internet marketing circle, Pubcon is one you won’t want to miss.” — Blue Interactive Agency

“Day two of Pubcon Las Vegas 2010 kicked off with a knockout keynote panel with Sarah Evans, Chris Brogan, Brian Clark, and Scott Stratten..” — Scott Cowley

“Day one at Pubcon Las Vegas 2010 was great, and day two was even better.” — Elmer Boutin

“Google’s Matt Cutts just dropping knowledge at Pubcon. Props amigo. Thanks for the tips!” @LocalSearchMstr

“Pubcon is the best SEO networking ever.” @nuttakorn

“Many of the presenters were willing to give up their time after the sessions and were friendly. This http://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon20.pnglends a nice personal touch to the training. I particularly thought that Dan Zarrella, Scott Stratten and Tim Ash were fantastic in both their presentations and discussions later on in the week. They are knowledgeable and personable — hard to beat that combination.” — Pubcon Las Vegas 2010 attendee

“Pubcon is like four days of Christmas for SEOs.” @jlaratro

“I am now home from Pubcon and my brain is working overtime. I should be sleeping but, since I can’t, I am going over all the information I gleaned from the panelists and my new friends from all over the world.” — Tim Biden

“I would absolutely pay my own way to Pubcon! I wasn’t sure I wanted to do PPC. Then there was Pubcon!” @SarahTqe

“FYI, first time having a booth at Pubcon and the ROI was excellent for CopyPress.com — well done!” — @chriswinfield

“Congrats on such a great turnout this year at Pubcon. I actually had to use that speaker room to hide this year! ;-)” — @aaronshearhttp://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon21.png

“I always enjoy the people, content and time I have at the Pubcon Las Vegas show.” — conference veteran Barry Schwartz

“Pubcon has received many positive tweets and I think this year was the best yet.” @greggbanse

“I will be encouraging members of my staff to attend, on a rotational basis, future Pubcon events. All in all this was a very good program, and value.” — Pubcon Las Vegas 2010 attendee

“I was in Las Vegas at Pubcon. Oh boy did it light my fire. So much to do. Conferences have a way of giving me clarity.” @greggbanse

“Still reeling with all that I learned at Pubcon. I will never look at my blog the same way again. And that’s a good thing.” @ErikaLehmann

“Pubcon is setting new standards in excellence in terms of the content of their sessions.” — Adam http://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon22.pngRiemer

“I love to meet at Pubcon and swap secrets with some of the smartest retailers and Internet marketers on the planet.” — Rob Snell, managing partner at online business and marketing firm Snell Brothers Consulting and noted speaker

“I have a great affinity for Pubcon, because it’s where I first learned advanced Internet marketing techniques, and it’s also where I made some incredible friendships that have continued well beyond the length of each conference.” — Jon Henshaw, Raven Internet Marketing Tools co-creator and product manager

“Pubcon is unmatched in the advanced level of content it provides.” @reyvillar

“Pubcon was absolutely awesome. One of the best conferences I’ve attended.” — Pubcon Attendee

“Pubcon is always one of the first shows I put on my calendar. Content is excellent, social is excellent, networking opportunities are excellent.” — Jim Banks

“Pubcon is a much friendlier conference than any other I’ve been to. The people who walk up to you aren’t (usually) trying to sell you anything, they genuinely want to discuss the SEO/SEM trade and are willing to give you their best practices. Truly amazing.” @VillageAdsSeohttp://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon23.png

“I love the vibe of the people who chose to attend Pubcon. I think I learn just a little more during the ‘in between’ times than I do from the sessions – and I learn a lot from the sessions. I love how everyone is willing to exchange knowledge and ideas.” — Elmer Boutin

“I felt this year the Pubcon sessions were above and beyond, chock full of more info than ever. The tone is very much about sharing information and many speakers went out of their way to give takeaways that we can use.” — Julie Johnson

“I had an amazing time learning more about the trade and meeting SEOs from all over the world.” — Tim Biden

“Pubcon is one of the nation’s biggest SEO-related conferences, with upwards of 3,000 people attending it’s Las Vegas event yearly.” — Will Hanke

“Pubcon was amazing and if you have never been to the show then I highly recommend you go.” — Adam Riemer

“Pubcon has been growing and growing and if you are an SEO/SEM or handle PPC you must make this conference a requirement.” — Donna Snow

“I was very pleased to hear Google’s Matt Cutts address the fall of domain keyword equity in the http://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon24.pngfuture at Pubcon.” @Making8

“Back home after Pubcon. I had fun, learned lots, and met some great people!” — @webgurudan

“Best parts of Pubcon Vegas 2010 were the ability to customize your conference schedule to your needs, and the trusted experts.” @piconsulting

“The nice thing about Pubcon, that I haven’t seen at many other shows, is that if you are standing alone people will walk up to you and start talking.” — Adam Riemer

“Hidden bonus of meeting new people at Pubcon: Links.” @chiropractic

“All the people at Pubcon were amazing. I met so many people whom I had spoken with for months on Twitter, and met a lot of new faces in the SEO world.” — Kirsten Wright

“This year’s Pubcon conference in Las Vegas was the best yet. The sessions were great, the networking awesome, and the event was the biggest in its history!” — Andy Bealhttp://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/pubcon25.png

“Pubcon really was a great event and we will definitely be attending next year. If you are a business owner or planner then the trend information and case studies are invaluable for staying ahead of the competition” — Peter McCormack

“Pubcon has a different feel. The style of Pubcon is different than any other conference. The conference has an overall feeling of individuals helping individuals. Everyone is not just friendly, but genuinely helpful. The whole event is very welcoming to newcomers.” — Corey Creed

“Pubcon really is the perfect way to summarize the state of the industry in just a few days.” — Julie Johnson

“Pubcon is the biggest, baddest search marketing conference of the year. Pubcon seriously rocked my world! It brought new, awesome people into my world. It got me thinking differently about things.” — Scott Cowley

Google's Danny Bernstein at Pubcon New Orleans. Photo: Tim Ash.

“Pubcon is a must attend event. I was blown away by it and how cool it really was. It is an amazing learning experience.” — Adam Riemer

“Pubcon is indeed a lot like a big family reunion. You may not see these people every day, week or month but when you do see them it’s more like you’re family than business contacts. And even if you have to pay for the ticket yourself (that was me this year), it is well worth it.” — Robert Brady

“The Pubcon sessions on social media science and Twitter interactions were very informative.” — Natalie Evans

“A great Pubcon.” @klintoe

“Thank you for this monster event! Giving us the opportunity to meet so many good speakers at Pubcon was awesome!” @NebSEO

“I recovered from my trip to Vegas for Pubcon last week. Had a great time. Learned a lot.” @rehor

“Back from Pubcon. A really phenomenal experience. Great sessions and fantastic people.” @I80equipment09

“Nice to be back in the office after Pubcon. Great conference. Really recommend it to those who haven’t attended yet!” @tamrajh

“I liked the tone of the conference, and the quality of speakers was fantastic.” — Jody Nimetz

“Pubcon is great.” — Corey Creed
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Pubcon Las Vegas 2008 Keynote Speaker

“Pubcon was also a great networking event with an amazing party scene and I even scored free Blue Man Group tickets from the conference.” — Jeff Schroeffel

“Pubcon was full of great information and networking. One of the great things about Pubcon is all of the extra tools that you hear about.” — Dan Patterson

“After it was all said and done, I’d have to rate Pubcon as a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. The speakers were wonderful and the content discussed was great; however, the high rating is due to the networking aspect and the ability to meet many fantastic industry people. That in itself was worth the price and so much more.” — Level343

“This year’s Pubcon event was hands-down the best one I’ve attended.” — John Vantine

“Wading through my notes from Pubcon. So many ideas!” @webscribe

“Pubcon benefit #573: I just asked someone I met there for a quote. Wouldn’t have happened had we not gone to dinner. Awesome.” @olivier_amar

“I met more people at Pubcon in one hour when my friends were off using the restroom or grabbing a drink, than I would normally meet after 3 or 4 days at some other large shows.” — Adam Riemer

“#YouMightBeSMchallenged if you’ve never attended Pubcon.” @Thos003

“I locked downPubcon Las Vegas two huge clients because of Pubcon Las Vegas 2010 so far. I am talking some seriously great clients and made some other great referral deals.” — Mat Siltala

“Pubcon was great!” @davidhenzel

“Pubcon was great this year. So exciting. Tons of new info.” — Matt Parks

“Pubcon Las Vegas proved to be an exceptional conference for us this year. In the three days that we were there, we were able to get a total of 41 interviews. So, to put it mildly, we were able to receive a lot of good coverage.” — Abby Johnson, WebProNews

“Pubcon is the best Internet marketing conference that’s held.”

Pubcon Las Vegas


“Pubcon is outstanding. Really good stuff. Great speakers.” @mrelevance

“You can’t beat the networking at Pubcon. Got to catch up with some awesome folks today!” @AndyBeal

“Went to the Pubcon networking event. Ran into everyone I love.” @LisaBarone

“Stellar day at Pubcon Masters Group training! Great sessions all round, particularly enjoyed “Organic Keywords & SEO Tools” by @jlaratro” @BobzGray

“Made some great connections today. What a great convention.”

Pubcon Las Vegas


“I love Pubcon.” @mtdillon50

“Pubcon is an awesome conference. You should check it out!” @SaraHamil

“Ended up spending half of the day in the Facebook Marketing Conference. Great material. Lots to learn.” @drrnthmpsn

“Pubcon, what great speakers and info. Looking forward to putting this to work.” @SEOChampion

“Literally surrounded by young rabid SEOs at Pubcon.”

Pubcon Las Vegas


“Had an incredible time at Pubcon.” @ashletate

“The music at Pubcon is like a dance club. I love it. Seriously, it’s the latest dance beats.” Michael Stancil on our Facebook fan page.

“I think @DennisYu gave my company a Facebook roadmap today to successfully implement a training program and saved us thousands.” @JimMcIlvaine

“Really awesome marketing event tonight. Plus, I found out some really critical information today that we can use going forward.” @Vegasclimber

“Loving that I came to Pubcon this year!” @erikleander

“Going through my notes from Pubcon and organizing. It’s amazing how much you can learn in a week!”

Pubcon Las Vegas


“I loved Pubcon this year. If only you could bring your friends back home with you!” @JadedTLC

“Vegas Pubcon is a gold standard that all other conferences are measured by.” @g1smd

“How I felt at my first Pubcon: Completely overwhelmed with awesome.” @michellemsem

“What you’ve built has amazing diversity of ages, backgrounds, etc. and clearly the community ecosystem is changing lives, careers, and clients out there, for the better. Pubcon is far more than for-profit show business, it’s also an institution that is edifying and infused with multiple levels of good.” — William Leake, chief executive, Apogee Results. @michellemsem

“Thanks for putting together another great event. This is our team’s fourth time attending in Las Vegas and we’ve always come away with new, valuable insights into the digital marketing industry. We look forward to attending again and spreading the word for future Pubcons.” — Matt Job, Local Search Masters

Register today for an upcoming Pubcon event and come join the world’s leading technology professionals to experience for yourself the business opportunities that these are other past Pubconhttp://www.pubcon.com/blog/gfx/registernow_pubcon.png  attendees have outlined above.