About Pubcon Inc.

Pubcon Inc. was born out of WebmasterWorld community forums by Brett Tabke. WebmasterWorld came online in early 1997 on an ISP site and then moved to WebmasterWorld.com in 1999. The forums were sold in 2012 and Pubcon Inc. was formed.
The first Pubcon conference was in 2000 as an informal gathering of early Web search engine optimizers and webmasters at a London pub, giving birth to pub conference.

The Pubcon conference is a multi-track educational conference hosted by Pubcon Inc. Pubcon, supported by the industry’s leading businesses, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors involved in social media, Internet marketing, search engines, and online advertising, offers an in-depth look at the future of technology presented by the world’s top speakers in provocative cutting-edge sessions. Read about Pubcon’s conference history here.

Pubcon is organized and hosted by Austin, Texas-based Pubcon, Inc., the longest-running series of conferences in the industry under the same name, with roots dating back to mid-1980s computer bulletin board systems.


Brett Tabke, Pubcon Founder and CEO

Brett Tabke has worked in the computer industry for three decades. Tabke is currently the CEO and founder of Pubcon Inc. He was also the founder of PHD Software Systems, a specialty software manufacture that produced a line of software for Commodore computers in the 80′s and 90′s.

Tabke authored several books on assembly language programming for Western Design on the 65816 micro processor. Tabke was the noted author of Karma 128, a leading edge assembler for the 65816 processor.

Tabke has run community networking sites continuously since 1984. The evolution from stand-alone BBS’s to forums on the web and his commitment to community building is a logical extension for Brett. His fascination with the web spurred him to start building web sites and learning as much as possible about online traffic. He quickly became an expert on the subject of Internet traffic, and was a source of information for many of his business contacts and associates who were looking to get better traffic from the search engines.

Tabke coined several SEO staples as “Link Farm”, “SEO Themes”, and the classic “SERP” (Search Engine Results Page). He was also featured in the Biography Channel special on the Google founders. Tabke was also a founding board member of SEMPO. He also wrote a chapter for the best selling “Google Hacks” book. He is also the first known person to have fully decoded the Excite and most of the Altavista search engine algos. Tabke’s “26 Steps to 15k a Day” is one of the most widely read documents in SEO history.


Jeff Randall, Pubcon Director of Operations

Jeff is the Director of Operations for Pubcon conferences. In addition, he is a co-founder of ChasingGreen.org an Eco-friendly consumer resource focusing on simple practical ways to positively impact the world around us. Jeff originally entered the Internet business world as a Vice President for QualitySmith, where he successfully oversaw the development of a Web-based service matching home owners with home improvement contractors. Before becoming a part of the Internet revolution, Jeff worked as the Director of Enrollment Services for Walla Walla University.


Joe Morin, Pubcon Evangelist

Joe is the Pubcon Evangelist and a Pubcon organizer. Joe is also CEO and co-founder of Social Rewards, a social media based loyalty marketing program that rewards brand consumers for engaging in social media activity such as brand mentions via Twitter, Foursquare check-ins and Facebook fan activity.

As a consultant over the last decade he has worked with many companies on online marketing strategies including Austin Ventures, Autobytel, Inc., Azure Capital, Business.com, Clearstone Venture Capital, CreditCards.com, Education.com, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Fly.com, Klout.com, Microsoft, MGM Mirage, MRM Worldwide (a division of Interpublic Group of Cos,) Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Travelzoo, Tribune Interactive, UsedCars.com and World Publications. He currently sits on the Advisory Board of Klout.com, and is also a featured speaker at Internet marketing conferences around the world, having spoken in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Jose, Toronto, Stockholm, London, Tokyo and Sao Paulo. These pursuits keep Joe busy and on the road a lot. Even when he's not traveling for business, Joe is usually traveling for fun.


Lane R. Ellis, Pubcon Lead Editor

Lane R. Ellis has over 30 years experience working with and writing about the Internet. In 1984 he started operating a computer bulletin board system in Denver, Colorado, which has led him on a long and productive path working with the Internet and, since 1993, the Web. Lane writes the Pubcon blog, press releases and social media campaigns. Prior to joining Pubcon, Lane worked in the Web development and engineering fields beginning in the 1980s with Commodore Amiga software and hardware maker Progressive Peripherals and Software.

When he's not writing about the next big Pubcon conference, Lane enjoys distance running, having run eleven marathons so far, genealogy, cross-country skate skiing, collecting vintage computers, and spending time with his wonderful wife Julie Ahasay and their cats Phineas Faustus and ZaSu Pitts in Duluth, Minnesota.


Elaine Diefenderfer, Pubcon Office Manager

Elaine started working in the technology field in college after she took a non-credit programming course. As a student supervisor in the Smith College Computing Center, she protected the card reader (yes that long ago) from an over-zealous fellow student who wanted to dismantle it to retrieve an eaten card. Since then she has worked as a programmer, lead developer and project manager always translating between the end user and the techies. Elaine thrives on making sure offices operate efficiently. She holds a B.A. from Smith College and a Master of Science in Business Policy from Columbia. When not walking her dog, Hamish McBean, Elaine loves to travel and sing in the church choir.


Erika Tabke, Pubcon Manager, Special Projects

Erika has worked on various special projects for Pubcon and WebmasterWorld since early 2003. She has extensive experience in usability research, design and consulting. Prior to joining WebmasterWorld, she was at SmartPrice.com where she was a director of marketing. In addition to her current work with WebmasterWorld, Erika also keeps one foot in her other career: oncology nursing. She works on call for her favorite doctors as needed. She holds two advanced degrees: a Master's in Sociology and a Master of Science in Nursing.