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Pubcon, the premier new media and optimization conference, was founded in 2000 by current chief executive Brett Tabke as an informal gathering of early Web search engine optimizers and webmasters at a London pub, giving birth to the pub conference.

Tabke, who has worked in the computer industry for three decades, authored several books on assembly language programming for Western Design on its 65816 microprocessor, and programmed Karma 128, a leading-edge assembler for the 65816.

He has run community networking sites continuously since 1984 and worked with the Web since 1994. InPubcon: The Premier Social Media & Search Conference 1997 he began which in 1998 became, one of the Web’s oldest and most-respected message forums. At Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 the acquisition of the WebmasterWorld message forums by Internet Marketing Ninjas was announced.

Pubcon is organized and hosted by Austin, Texas-based Pubcon, Inc., the longest-running series of conferences in the industry under the same name, with roots dating back to mid-1980s computer bulletin board systems.

Over the past 15 years Pubcon has shifted the meaning of its name to place less emphasis on the celebratory pub gathering experience and instead focusing more on thePubcon Las Vegas aptly-named professional Web "publishing conference" it quickly became.

Despite the subtle change in the meaning of its name, Pubcon has maintained the pub gathering tradition for more than 15 years as a part of what are now some of the world’s largest and most important new media conferences.

Pubcon is a multi-track educational conference supported by the industry’s leading businesses, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors involved in social media, Internet marketing, search engines, and online advertising, and offers an in-depth look at the future of technology presented by the world’s top speakers in provocative cutting-edge sessions. Read about our staff here, and our complete yearly conference history below.


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Early Pre-2000 Years


When the successful March 17 – 20 week of Pubcon New Orleans 2014 wrapped up, it was apparent

Pubcon New Orleans Nightlife. Photo: Tim Ash

Pubcon New Orleans Nightlife. Photo: Tim Ash

from the overwhelmingly positive feedback that the conference and pre-show Pubcon Masters Group training program packed a wallop of the newest social media and digital marketing learning from a bevy of the world’s top technology speakers.

Pubcon continued to excel in spotlighting leading innovators anxious to share their latest research with attendees — insight many save and give out only during Pubcon events, making Pubcon New Orleans 2014 in The Big Easy one of our most talked about events ever.

Monday’s Pubcon Masters Group training was standing-room-only full for Roger Dooley’s insightful

Roger Dooley, Pubcon Masters Group Kick-Off Speaker

Roger Dooley, Pubcon Masters Group Kick-Off Speaker

neuromarketing keynote presentation, followed by a day filled with social media, search, and online marketing learning with 10 industry leaders and a kick-off reception at the New Orleans Convention Center.

Four major keynote addresses gave Pubcon New Orleans 2014 attendees many new angles on how to succeed in the present digital landscape, starting with Tuesday’s kick-off keynote presentation by Dr. Robert Cialdini. On Tuesday Peter Shankman gave a rousing and insightful keynote, while Thursday saw two fine keynotes as Tim Ash started the day with an energetic and inspiring talk and Google’s Danny Bernstein captivated with his grand finale keynote.

Dr. Robert Cialdini Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Keynote Speaker

Dr. Robert Cialdini
Pubcon New Orleans 2014
Keynote Speaker

 Peter Shankman Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Keynote Speaker

Peter Shankman
Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Keynote Speaker

Tim Ash, CEO,

Tim Ash
Pubcon New Orleans 2014
Keynote Speaker

Danny Bernstein Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Keynote Speaker

Danny Bernstein
Pubcon New Orleans 2014 Keynote Speaker


Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 was a resounding success, showing why it was named a Forbes must-attend conference as thousands of social media and digital marketing professionals

Google’s Matt Cutts Keynote At Pubcon Las Vegas 2013

Google’s Matt Cutts Keynote At Pubcon Las Vegas 2013

were treated to one of the richest collections of industry content ever offered.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 featured three fantastic keynote speakers and over 200 top session and expert spotlight panelists, the inaugural U.S. Search Awards, Pubcon Masters Group training, Pubcon Labs, a multi-day Barnes & Noble book signing event, a full schedule of outstanding nightly networking events, along with a bustling exhibition hall.

Noted Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, chief executive and founder of and longtime angel investor, kicked off a great week of standing-room-only keynotes with a

Jason Calacanis, CEO, Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 Keynote Speaker

Jason Calacanis, CEO,
Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 Keynote Speaker

Tuesday morning presentation that lead perfectly into Wednesday’s keynote by Google’s popular head quality control engineer and webspam team leader Matt Cutts. Closing the week’s keynotes was UnMarketing president and popular digital marketing personality Scott Stratten — the man behind “Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.” — who gave an energetic Thursday keynote address at Pubcon Las Vegas 2013. Stratten also gave out copies of his newest book, which he later signed for Pubcon attendees.

Pubcon was bigger than ever, and from the many comments you shared throughout the week, it’s clear that Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 was one of the best social media and

Scott Stratten UnMarketing President Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 Keynote Speaker

Scott Stratten
UnMarketing President
Pubcon Las Vegas 2013
Keynote Speaker

optimization conferences of all-time, with more than 150 sessions in a record ten simultaneous topic tracks and insightful keynotes by Calacanis, Cutts, and Stratten, who helped kick off each day of Pubcon with a burst of energy.

Many sessions were filled to standing-room-only capacity as the brightest stars of social media, digital marketing, and search shared their newest insights with Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 attendees, while additional events such as our Barnes & Noble author book signings, one-on-one Pubcon Labs sessions, industry-leading speakers enclave, and Masters Group training made certain that this would be a conference to remember for many years.


Pubcon New Orleans 2013 concluded a highly successful week recently to near-universal

Michael Slaby, Pubcon New Orleans 2013 Kickoff Keynote Speaker. Photo: Tim Ash

Michael Slaby, Pubcon New Orleans 2013 Kickoff Keynote Speaker

praise, especially when conference founder and chief executive Brett Tabke announced plans for a likely Pubcon return to The Big Easy in 2014.

Returning to New Orleans for the first time since 2005 and for our inaugural presence at the New Orleans Convention Center, energy levels were sky high among the thousands of attendees who participated in over 100 cutting edge sessions led by more than 150 of the world’s top social media, optimization, and digital marketing speakers.

The week got off to a rousing Louisiana start with an energetic all-star Monday Pubcon Master’s Group training program, featuring Michael Gray, Jeffrey Eisenberg, Andy Beal, Tim Ash, Dennis Yu, Dan Zarrella, Todd Malicoat, Brad Geddes, Krista Neher, Joe Laratro, Jabez LeBret, and Alison Zarrella, followed by an engaging kick-off

Chris Pirillo, Founder, LockerGnome, Pubcon Keynote Speaker

Chris Pirillo, Founder, LockerGnome, Pubcon Keynote Speaker

networking event where attendees and speakers discussed industry trends and made plans for the upcoming Pubcon week.


Pubcon New Orleans 2013 featured three major keynote speakers, starting with a fascinating Tuesday morning kick-off address by Obama For America social media strategist Michael Slaby, followed by insightful Wednesday and Thursday keynotes by Chris Pirillo, popular online entrepreneur and founder

Dave McClure of 500 Startups, Pubcon New Orleans 2013 Keynote Speaker

Dave McClure of 500 Startups, Pubcon New Orleans 2013 Keynote Speaker

of digital culture company LockerGnome, and Dave McClure, renowned venture capitalist and founding partner at 500 Startups.


Pubcon New Orleans 2013 speakers delivered some of the most revealing insight ever into social media, digital marketing, and optimization, including Jabez LeBret, chief innovation officer at Get Noticed Get Found, and the insightful and entertaining Sage Lewis.

Pubcon New Orleans 2013 Nightlife. Photo: Tim Ash

Pubcon New Orleans 2013 Nightlife. Photo: Tim Ash


New Orleans’ Bourbon Street, Warehouse District, and French Quarter were hopping with Pubcon activity throughout the week, including all of our official Pubcon evening networking events. Many attendees told us that New Orleans was at or near the top of the list of the best locations Pubcon has ever been held.

New Orleans 2013 (Site archive)


Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 was a resounding success, as thousands of social media and search

Photo: Michael Dorausch

professionals who had gathered at the Las Vegas Convention Center were treated to the richest collection of industry content ever offered at a single conference, presented by insightful keynote speakers and over 200 session and expert spotlight panelists, our sold out and most extensive ever Pubcon Masters Group training, a full schedule of nightly networking events, and a bustling exhibition hall that was our largest yet.

The week of Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 was marked by several major announcements, as Google head of webspam Matt Cutts chose his packed

Photo: Michael Dorausch

Pubcon lunchtime keynote to unveil the search giant's new disavow links feature for webmasters, and Pubcon announced the acquisition of the WebmasterWorld message forums by platinum sponsor Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Pubcon was bigger than ever, and from the many comments you shared throughout the week and in the days after, Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 was likely the best social media and optimization conference of all-time, with more than 130 sessions in a record ten simultaneous topic tracks and insightful keynotes by Cutts, Dr. Robert Cialdini, professor emeritus of psychology and marketing at

Photo: Tim Ash

Arizona State University, social psychologist, and author of the bestselling book “Influence: Science & Practice,” pioneering digital marketing writer Doc Searls, co-author of “The Cluetrain Manifesto,” and Spotify's Shakil Khan, who helped kick off each day of Pubcon with a burst of energy.

Many sessions were filled to standing-room-only capacity as the brightest stars of social media, digital marketing, and optimization shared their latest insights with Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 attendees, while additional events such as our Barnes & Noble author book signings, one-on-one Pubcon Labs sessions, speakers enclave, Open Mic track, and Masters Group training made certain that this would be a conference to remember for many years.

Las Vegas 2012 (Site archive)


Pubcon Paradise 2012 wrapped up a successful conference last week in Honolulu, the first time the premier search and social media conference has taken place in tropical Hawaii. Thanks to all of the attendees from around the world who descended on the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort for a great week filled with new media and optimization learning.

From Monday's Pubcon Masters Group training program and kickoff reception to days busy with top-notch sessions led by dozens of leading optimization and new media experts and evenings filled with networking events, Pubcon Paradise 2012 was a resounding success.

Travelocity founder, e-commerce pioneer and chairman of Terry Jones presented an outstanding kickoff keynote, while UnMarketing's president and popular online marketing personality Scott Stratten delivered an excellent Wednesday morning keynote address.

Hawaii 2012 (Site archive)


Pubcon Las Vegas 2011 rocked the entertainment capital of the world last week, and thanks to a record number of attendees, exhibitors and speakers from around the world it will surely go down as the biggest and most successful search and new media event ever.

A record 210-plus speakers converged on the Las Vegas Convention Center South Halls, packing over 110 sessions and nine simultaneous sub-conference tracks into an unforgettable week of search and social media the way only Pubcon can do it.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2011 keynote speakers included Emmy award-winning technology broadcaster and noted online personality Leo Laporte, host of the nationally-syndicated “The Tech Guy” program on more than 150 radio stations and XM Satellite radio, Google head quality control engineer and PubConwebspam team leader Matt Cutts, and Google fellow Amit Singhal, one of the primary engineers responsible for developing the world's leading search engine algorithm.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2011 also featured a special keynote panel featuring SEO coordinator Topher Kohan, Disney SEO manager Jeff Preston, and the Wall Street Journal's in-house SEO Alex Bennert, three of the leading corporate search engine optimization innovators.

All of our keynote speakers delivered varied and powerful keynote addresses on the future of search, social media and in-house SEO to record-setting standing-room-only crowds.

Great parties provided plenty of networking opportunities, from Monday's kick-off eventPubCon which featured an appearance by Matt Cutts to Tuesday evening's gathering at The Pub at Monte Carlo and many gatherings at a variety of Las Vegas hotspots including the lounges at our official Pubcon Las Vegas 2011 conference hotel, the MGM Grand.

Monday's sold-out Pubcon Masters Group training was once again a resounding success for all who took part in this unique in-depth pre-Pubcon program of workshops.

Las Vegas 2011 (Site archive)


Pubcon South at Austin 2011, which took place on March 7 – 9, was a great success thanks to a strong turnout, prime sessions filled with top panelists, fantastic keynotes, enjoyable networking parties, and a large Texas-size helping of the unique friendly atmosphere that Pubcon has always been known for.

Bestselling author and Internet marketing strategy guru Jeffrey Eisenberg inspired the packed keynote audience with a fascinating look at “Social Media and Conversion: The Yellow Brick Road,” and the keynote panel with Tallwave president Daniel Boberg and longtime search engine guru Tim Mayer was met with much enthusiasm by Pubcon South at Austin 2011 attendees.

The Pubcon Masters Group training program proved once again to be a very successful day for the many attendees who signed up for a great of intensive educational workshops, a program that will be expanded for Pubcon Las Vegas 2011.

Google held their first small business training program in collaboration with Pubcon, a last-minute event led by Pubcon head moderator Joe Laratro and Hoot Interactive president Miles Olsen that was well-received and an event we plan to continue.

Official Pubcon parties at Sherlock's Baker Street Pub and Grill and Austin hotspot Six Lounge, in addition to numerous other informal gatherings throughout Austin, made for a fun week of networking during Pubcon South at Austin 2011.

Austin 2011 (Site archive)


Pubcon Las Vegas 2010 concluded in November, and thanks to a record number of enthusiastic attendees and speakers from around the world it is sure to go down as the largest and most successful search-related event ever.

A record 200-plus exceptional speakers converged on the Las Vegas Convention Center, packing over 100 sessions and eight sub-conferences into an amazing week of search and social media the way only Pubcon can do it.

Pubcon organizer Brett Tabke said, “I thank the record numbers of you who attended Pubcon Las Vegas 2010 and helped make this the largest and most remarkable conference in our decade-plus history.”

“We knew Pubcon Las Vegas 2010 was going to be a big event from the heavy pre-show sign-ups, and it more than lived up to our predictions, making this the largest and most successful search-related event ever. Thanks to our speakers for their hard work and dedication, and especially to all our attendees” added Tabke.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2010 keynote speakers included New York Times technology columnist David Pogue, longtime search engine guru Tim Mayer, Sevans Strategy founder Sarah Evans, social media firm UnMarketing president Scott Stratten, New Marketing Labs president Chris Brogan, and Copyblogger founder Brian Clark, who all delivered knock-out presentations to thrilled standing-room-only crowds.

Three full days of networking lunches were well attended, with more than 30 top speakers participating, and the exhibition hall drew record numbers of interested attendees from around the world, with more than a dozen Pubcon speakers on hand for book signings.

The networking event scene was busier than ever, with TweetUps, Pubcon Classic, a new "PubCrawl," and after-hours parties at some of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas. Read some of the fantastic media coverage here.

Pubcon attendees took part in a very special week of all things search and social media, kicking off with the largest and most successful Pubcon Masters Group training program yet.

Pubcon thanks Wynn Las Vegas, the official hotel of Pubcon Las Vegas 2010, The Palms Las Vegas, New York New York Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, The Venetian, The Palazzo Las Vegas, and Blue Man Group for helping to make this Pubcon the largest ever. Pubcon also thanks gold sponsor Raven Internet Marketing Tools and all of its many other sponsors, media partners, and exhibitors.

“There is just something special about Pubcon,” said conference veteran Barry Schwartz.

Las Vegas 2010 (Site archive) (pics)


Pubcon South at Dallas on April 13 – 15, 2010 brought social media and search professionals together for a highly successful conference and day-long program of training workshops. Enthusiastic crowds enjoyed insightful keynote speeches by Scott Stratten and Rob Snell along with dozens of sessions exploring the latest trends in online marketing, search, and social media.

Things got rolling right away with Tuesday's professional search and social media training workshops, which were filled to the brim with people who were treated to an in-depth day-long program featuring leading industry experts such as Brian Massey, Carolyn Shelby and Michael Gray.

After the training sessions concluded it was time for Pubcon's traditional networking event, which gave conference-goers a great opportunity to meet with new friends and professional contacts in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Wednesday featured Scott Stratten's keynote address, a fascinating look at the industry that delivered many new ideas and high praise from those lucky enough to hear it. Stratten is the president of social media firm UnMarketing, and with more than 52,000 Twitter followers, he has embraced some of the latest trends in online marketing.

Throughout Pubcon South at Dallas 2009 the session rooms were buzzing with activity as some of the top search and social media marketing speakers shared their latest insights and trends on the future of the industry.

Many good pictures from Pubcon South at Dallas are available on our Facebook group, taken by Pubcon director of operations Jeff Randall.

Sponsor events such as the party hosted by the Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association (DFWSEM) kept the energy level high long into the nights.

Thursday kicked off with a very special keynote speech by Rob Snell, managing partner at online business and marketing firm Snell Brothers Consulting, in a presentation that had people talking about Snell's insights for the rest of the conference.

A new spotlight session track, which gave extra time to many speakers, was an overwhelming success, as presenters such as Ted Ulle, Andy Beal, Mike Chapman, and Dan Zarrella shared extended-length sessions going beyond what is typically available during traditional multi-speaker panels.

Also check out our complete wrap-up of Pubcon South at Dallas 2009, including media coverage and many testimonials from attendees.

Dallas 2010 (Site archive) (pics)


Pubcon search, social media and marketing conference filled the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center with the key players shaping the future of the Web at one of Pubcon's most successful events ever.

November 13 marked the end to a tremendous week of Pubcon in Las Vegas with thousands of attendees exploring the future of search and social media with some of the brightest Internet marketers and developers in the world.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2009 was so successful that finding conference rooms at the Las Vegas Convention Center large enough to handle what were at times overflowing crowds was the only problem, as attendees heard some of the top technology speakers such as online shoe retailer Zappos chief executive Tony Hsieh share their search and social media marketing and technical expertise and vision for the future.

Pubcon was bigger than ever before with a full seven tracks of specialized sessions, a Monday intensive educational search training program, top-notch keynote speakers and an unrivaled slate of after-hours parties, TweetUps and networking events including the Pubcon Ironman Triathlon of after-hours networking events.

Zappos Tony Hsieh wowed Pubcon Las Vegas 2009 attendees with his fresh and consumer-driven approach to online marketing in an exciting and informative keynote speech delivered to a standing room only crowd overflowing the huge keynote area.

Bob Brisco, chief executive for Internet Brands, the parent company of Jelsoft Enterprises Limited, maker of the market-leading message forum software vBulletin, also came through with a powerful keynote presentation for Pubcon attendees.

Pubcon's unique keynote panel of five social media experts from the largest hotel and casinos in the world, who got together and shared their impressive social media insights, was one of many hits at the 2009 Las Vegas Pubcon.

Luxor vice president of marketing Brad Goldberg, Planet Hollywood director of interactive marketing Brandie Feuer, MGM Grand assistant vice president of marketing Michael Perhaes, Las Vegas Hilton executive director of casino marketing Peter Arceo and vice president of marketing Bryan Allison had the Pubcon halls and session rooms buzzing throughout the week after their one-of-a-kind and informative keynote session.

First time attendees had an especially productive time at Pubcon Las Vegas 2009, and many said that they plan to make Pubcon a regular event for their businesses because of all that they learned.

“I had the best time ever at Pubcon,” first-time Pubcon attendee Julie Parrish recently tweeted. “As a first timer, it was very helpful and the people I met were amazing. I will be back next year,” added Parrish.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2009 offered a rare level of deep real-world search and social media coverage that can be hard to find at other technology conferences.

Pubcon has grown during over a decade of events and now reaches more people than ever, helping businesses and individuals succeed in a fun yet professional conference environment unlike any other you'll attend.

Many of the hundreds of top speakers who spoke in Las Vegas consider Pubcon to be their favorite event, and their enthusiasm for Pubcon Las Vegas 2009 was apparent as attendees were treated to insights and research that just won't be shared at any other conference but Pubcon.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2009 was a conference for the ages. Detailed coverage of this conference including a media wrap-up with more than a hundred article references can be found on the Pubcon blog.

Las Vegas 2009 (Site archive) (pics)


London was the site of Pubcon's latest search and social media networking event earlier this month, held at the historic Cittie of Yorke pub. Hundreds of search and Internet marketing innovators attended the July 4 Pubcon event in the massive tavern surrounded by 1,000-gallon wine casks, as attendees enjoyed a fine time at the first Pubcon held in London since 2005.

The cool 15th century pub offered a perfect escape from unusually warm weather, and attendees discussed the latest search and social media news topics, current challenges, technologies and developments, and made plans to attend the next Pubcon conference.

Pubcon London 2009 gave attendees a prime opportunity to network with new friends and business contacts in a relaxed environment, and many used Twitter to communicate before, during and after the event, and used the service to share their thanks and comments of appreciation for a highly successful Pubcon, some of which appear below.

"Pubcon was an excellent day that turned in to a lovely evening!" – J. Lewis

"Enjoyed Pubcon — wasn't sure what to expect, came away with really great info. A very friendly bunch of people. Thank you." – inspirationail

"WebmasterWorld Pubcon was a blast on Saturday. Met a lot of new faces, and spoke a while with a few old friends, while drinking lots." – g1smd

"Some good networking opps at Pubcon." – D. Chung

"Dreaming about the beautiful warm sunny weather at Pubcon." – C. Blacker

"Where the European SEO industry really began: Pubcon London." – SEOMogul

"It was nice to meet all you guys at #Pubcon. I'm hoping to catch up with you lot again in Vegas!" – StrategicTMC

"@Pubcon rock on Vegas!" – M. Carson

One of the best ways to keep up with the latest news about Pubcon's London, Las Vegas and other events is to visit the Pubcon LinkedIn social networking site group, the Pubcon Facebook group, and the Pubcon Twitter feed.

Thanks to all those who attended, Pubcon London 2009 was another successful event.


WebmasterWorld's Pubcon successfully wrapped up its first-ever Texas event celebrating all things search related last week March 11 through 13, 2009 in the state's capital Austin, where the leading search and Internet marketing gurus gathered for three exciting days of cutting-edge multi-track sessions and networking events at a sold-out Norris Executive Conference Center.

Hundreds of Pubcon South at Austin 2009 conference-goers packed the conference hall to kick off the week on Wednesday morning with an exciting fireside chat keynote speech delivered by digital entrepreneur and author Guy Kawasaki , recently named as one of the Web's top celebrities by Forbes magazine.

Thursday's keynote speech by Google lead quality control engineer Matt Cutts kept attendees buzzing at he chose Pubcon South in Austin to launch Google's new Friend Connect API initiative.

Guy Kawasaki and Google's Matt Cutts Rocked Pubcon South Keynote Sessions

Pubcon South at Austin 2009 began with WebmasterWorld founder and chief executive Brett Tabke giving attendees an introduction to the conference before welcoming Guy Kawasaki and his fireside chat interviewer Chris Brogan, president of New Marketing Labs.

Kawasaki, who also presented a keynote at Pubcon in 2006, is one of the most popular users on micro-blogging service Twitter, a venture capitalist, and one of the original Apple team members responsible for marketing the first Macintosh in 1984.

Kawasaki is a founding partner and entrepreneur-in-residence at Garage Technology Ventures, and the author of eight popular books including " The Art of the Start ," " Rules for Revolutionaries ," " How to Drive Your Competition Crazy ," " Selling the Dream ," " The Macintosh Way " and his latest book, " Reality Check ," a compilation of the best "wit, wisdom and contrarian opinions" to come from the technology innovator and Pubcon South keynote speaker.

On Thursday morning day two of Pubcon South at Austin 2009 began with Google's Matt Cutts delivering the first public presentation about the search leader's Friend Connect API, which launched later in the day, giving Pubcon attendees the first news about the blog-commenting widget program.

Pubcon South Tops Twitter Popularity List

"Pubcon is going to be so well-documented on Twitter," Cutts said, a prediction that came true as discussion about Pubcon using the #Pubcon hash tag became Twitter's most popular term for a period during the conference, and conference-goers enjoyed Tweeting questions to speakers and fellow audience members during many sessions.

Google insider Cutts, who is a frequent Pubcon attendee and three-time keynote speaker at the conference, took questions from the audience in Austin and several submitted via Twitter and Google's Moderator service.

Cutts mentioned Tabke's popular online guide " Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone," and cited WebmasterWorld as a prime example of a Web site that provides always-fresh "evergreen content."

Multi-Track Session Grid Offers Wide Variety Of Search Opportunities

A wide variety of simultaneous speaker session tracks gave Pubcon South at Austin 2009 attendees a wide variety of choices and opportunities, including several sessions dedicated to Twitter, which grew to become the hottest topic at the conference.

Tracks dedicated to pure search engine optimization and organic search, search engine marketing, social media marketing and more were also well attended and live-blogged by numerous popular bloggers.

A list of some of the press coverage of Pubcon South is included near the end of this conference write-up.

The huge slate of session options at Pubcon South at Austin 2009 included SEO and SEM sessions that featured many of today's leading innovators such as Twitter star Wayne Sutton of, TopRank Online Marketing chief executive Lee Odden, president and chief executive Tim Ash, NVI chief executive Guillaume Bouchard, Outrider social media strategist Reem Abeidoh, and dozens of others.

Pubcon South Arrived During Peak Festival Season

This year Pubcon was held at an ideal time to take in Austin's famous music, film and interactive media festivals and events, many of which begin as Pubcon wrapped up, and many attendees and speakers enjoyed the timing that provided added value by making an extended stay or family vacation in the technology and entertainment hub of Texas an attractive possibility.

Pubcon South at Austin 2009 attendees enjoyed a number of industry-sponsored and private networking parties including one held by link-building and social media firm BuzzStream, which launched its BuzzStream for Link Building program at the trendy Austin Molotov Lounge.

The conference held its Pubcon Classic informal gathering at Logan's on Sixth pub in historic downtown Austin, keeping a tradition dating back to the very first Pubcon, and giving attendees a chance to network with new friends and business contacts in a relaxed environment.

Austin 2009 (Site archive) (pics)


Pubcon Las Vegas 2008 successfully concluded its biggest grand celebration yet of all things search-related on November 14, 2008 under the bright lights of the conference capital of the world that is Las Vegas, where the leading search and Internet marketing gurus gathered for four exciting days amidst throngs of live-bloggers feverishly trying to Twitter and blog as much of a Pubcon-record speaker agenda that topped 85 sessions and six simultaneous tracks as was humanly possible.

WebmasterWorld's 2008 Pubcon Conference Shines Brightly In Las Vegas

Over the past few years Pubcon has gained increasing mainstream recognition and popularity after many years of under-the-radar success among the technically-savvy programmers and in-the-know search engine PubCon 2008 Las Vegas Google's Matt Cutts experts who have for years enthusiastically savored the old-school style discussion forums of founder and chief executive Brett Tabke's online community, a massive collection of wisdom contained within millions of articles chronicling all areas of the Web from its very earliest beginnings.

The Pubcon conference always seems to spawn both industry-sponsored and private networking parties, led by the huge informal gathering held in a pub setting that has been the event's trademark, giving everyone the chance to rub elbows with a wide array of the inevitable industry rock stars from tech titans such as Google, Yahoo,, Facebook, Adobe, Microsoft, and increasingly Hollywood celebrities such as "CSI: Miami" star David Caruso as well. In nearly every aspect Pubcon Las Vegas 2008 was the conference's biggest success yet.

Day One: Bigger, Better, Brighter

One of Pubcon's largest ever groups of attendees had the thrill of kicking off the conference on Tuesday morning with an exciting keynote speech given by Cirque du Soleil's masterful director of marketing Shawn Rorick, during PubCon 2008 Las Vegas Blendtec's George Wrightwhich he gave conference-goers a vast amount of insightful information on the merging of traditional and new media, emerging media tactics, and the growing importance of mobile and social media search marketing strategies.

Having increased the number of speaker session tracks from five to six, Pubcon Las Vegas 2008's first day saw opportunities abound for all in attendance, with tracks dedicated to pure search engine optimization and organic search, search engine marketing, video and multimedia, the world of affiliates, social media marketing, and a day-long series of live interactive Web site review panels, a format proven to be so helpful to attendees that Pubcon offered a new slate of site review sessions each day of the conference.

After 30 sessions and Shawn Rorick's kickoff keynote address, Tuesday's Pubcon agenda continued with a special cocktail reception sponsored by Bruce Clay Inc. and Apogee Search, and the sounds of networking attendees continued well into the night at the vast Las Vegas Convention Center.

Later that night and throughout the week a number of large and impressive parties were held at various hot spots around the Las Vegas strip drawing many Pubcon attendees, either hosted by Pubcon sponsors or other search industry companies who got the word out more than ever before through the use of Twitter. Some regular Pubcon attendees even organized special events including a "FightClub" training session, a charity poker tournament held at The Venetian, and numerous breakfast and dinner gatherings. WebmasterWorld evangelist Joe Morin also did a brilliant job arranging a number of special discounts at leading Las Vegas attractions for conference attendees during Pubcon 2008.

Day Two: "Will it Blend?", Twitter Success and Special Events

Tabke gave a packed Pubcon Las Vegas 2008 day two audience exactly what they had been looking forward to on Wednesday morning when he introduced keynote speaker George Wright, the vice president of marketing and sales at blender manufacturer Blendtec, the man responsible for the wildly popular “Will it Blend?” online video series that has been among the most watched on YouTube. His tips for viral PubCon 2008 Las Vegas Charity Gaming marketing, utilizing video channel subscribers and understanding new online marketing tools were among the most talked-about at the conference, as was his live demonstration during which he decided to blend a giant garden rake with a wooden handle that ended up in tiny bits, much like the iPhones he has blended in his online video series, to the visible delight of the packed Pubcon audience.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2008's exhibit hall opened after Wright's keynote speech, and featured leading search engine companies such as Google and Microsoft, along with dozens of other industry firms including PRWeb, Matchpoint and Moniker, and for the first time Pubcon had a full array of charity gambling tables available in a comfortable lounge environment, pleasing many attendees who were able to get in their gaming fix without having to leave the Pubcon grounds while at the same time supporting the LiveStrong Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Another huge slate of session options made day two at Pubcon Las Vegas 2008 a busy and productive one, with content tracks ranging from Web hosting, brand reputation management, and "King Content" to a slew of new interactive site review panels and even more SEO and SEM sessions featuring many of today's leading innovators such as Brett Crosby of Google, Shailesh Bhat of Yahoo and Robin Liss of

Microblogging service Twitter was on the minds of many Pubcon attendees this year, and on the screens of their smartphones as discussion about Pubcon Las Vegas 2008 became Twitter's most popular term for a period during the conference, and conference-goers enjoyed Twittering questions to speakers and fellow audience members during many sessions.

Continuing on long into the night after the busy daytime agenda was an SEOmoz-sponsored "werewolf" gaming tournament played with custom decks of cards featuring the likenesses of many top search industry professionals, including some who were in attendance at Pubcon.

Day Three: Microsoft Announces Major Initiatives At Pubcon

During the morning of Pubcon Las Vegas 2008's third day Microsoft senior vice president of search, MSN portal and advertising platform group Satya Nadella launched the broad new Microsoft "Silk Road" project for Live Search, during an PubCon 2008 Las Vegas Exhibition Hallexciting keynote address.

A successful and well-attended day three slate of sessions included among its six tracks speakers delving into subjects as diverse as duplicate content issues, building the best online community forums, and in-house pay-per-click campaigns. A star-studded "Search Engine Smackdown" session featuring representatives from the major search engine companies drew such a huge audience, with speakers such as Google engineer and Webspam leader Matt Cutts, that it had to be moved into the biggest available Pubcon venue.

An evening search bash sponsored by WebmasterRadio.FM and Microsoft Live Search amazed Pubcon attendees with its spectacular entertainment and great networking environment at the trendy Rain nightclub in the Palms Casino Resort.

Day Four: Pubcon Networking Event Kicks It Bavarian-Style At Hofbrauhaus

Pubcon Las Vegas 2008 treated its attendees to one of the best networking events it has held since it first starting organizingPubCon 2008 Las Vegas Networking them in London in 2000, with a Bavarian-style search celebration that rocked the Las Vegas Hofbrauhaus and its huge German beer hall as hundreds of Pubcon ticket holders mingled and took advantage of this final official opportunity to meet new people and conduct business in a relaxed and informal setting.

Even before the first day of Pubcon's week in Las Vegas was over the complements praising this year's conference as the best ever began to pour in, and it wasn't long before the 2008 event had claimed the top spot among attendee all-time favorites. Those lucky enough to be in Las Vegas during November 11 through 14, 2008 were treated to WebmasterWorld putting on it's biggest and most successful Pubcon yet.

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Las Vegas 2008 (Site archive) (pics)


Pubcon Las Vegas 2007 was the largest and most successful yet. More sessions, more big-name keynotes, more exhibitors, and more networking events and parties than ever before all combined to make for a record-setting week. Pubcon Las Vegas 2007 started off with an insightful keynote by Craigslist founder Craig Newmark. The first day was packed with Grade A sessions that featured Pubcon's first social networking track, and continued with a special cocktail reception hosted by Didit that featured a book signing event by the firm's co-founder Kevin Lee.

That evening brought out Pubcon's first after-hours session, featuring a panel of the superstars of the search industry, moderated by master emcee and crowd favorite Guy Kawasaki, noted author. Pubcon Las Vegas 2007 then helped the many bloggers in attendance by providing tickets to a number of the major Las Vegas evening shows. Pubcon worked with the major Las Vegas shows to offer nearly $100,000 in complimentary show tickets, in Pubcon's first Bloggers Night Out event. Pubcon's bloggers enjoyed evening shows normally priced between $120 to over $300 per ticket and successfully helped promote the shows through social media.

The second day of Pubcon Las Vegas 2007 kicked off with a keynote by tech maven, former MySpace chief executive and business guru Richard Rosenblatt. Rosenblatt was introduced through a video made for Pubcon by NBC's Carson Daly, who himself made a later appearance at Pubcon's Demand Media/Enom anniversary party held at Luxor's LAX night club. Sessions on day two at Pubcon Las Vegas 2007 featured a potpourri of search and social media topics, including many innovative new sessions with topics ranging from domaining to Web hosting issues. Several sessions featured HostingCon founder George Roberts, and another e-mail marketing wizard Dr. Ralph Wilson.

Pubcon's first domain name auction, hosted by Moniker, sold nearly $500,000 in domain names during a unique event.

The evening of day two at Pubcon Las Vegas 2007 featured two exciting parties. Google treated Pubcon attendees to one of its famous Meet the Engineers parties, a chance to mingle with some of Google's most knowledgeable and influential front-line engineers. More than 30 Google employees were kept busy sharing their insight with Pubcon crowds.

SEOmoz held a "werewolf" gaming tournament, headed by the firm's chief executive and co-founder Rand Fishkin, playing with custom decks of cards featuring the likenesses of many top search industry professionals from Pubcon.

Those who didn't make it to these or other parties were able to enjoy another Pubcon Bloggers Night Out event and attend more top Las Vegas shows.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2007 day three began with a large question and answer session presented by Google search quality control engineer Matt Cutts. The day, which featured the most sessions in Pubcon's history, also sported the most new sessions ever, including sessions featuring video search, content, and optimization. The evening featured additional parties and networking events, including several special invitation-only parties hosted by the major search engine firms.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2007 concluded on day four with a huge Pubcon Classic networking event. After outgrowing the Nine Fine Irishman pub which had been used during previous Pubcon conferences, for 2007 Pubcon moved the event to the much larger Brew Pub at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. Pubcon attendees enjoyed networking about business face-to-face with new friends and old at this successful event.

Las Vegas 2007 (Site archive) (pics)


The massive Las Vegas Convention Center was once again the venue as Pubcon Las Vegas 2006 held a successful search and technology event. Huge numbers of onsite sign-ups sent registration lines expanding down the hall and out the door, and when combined with the many people who had registered before the conference, a final tally of more than 2,100 attendees packed the convention center for this hallmark Pubcon event.

The kick-off keynote was delivered by bestselling author Guy Kawasaki to standing-room-only crowds. Three full days of sessions explored technology that ranged from top-shelf advanced content to intro-level material, all receiving high praise from attendees. A keynote address by old Pubcon friend John Battelle was a big success, as was a special lunchtime session led by Yahoo Search Marketing. A jam-packed reception by Google was met with high praise, as was a the keynote address given by Search Engine Watch's Danny Sullivan. While sponsored two afternoon cocktail receptions, evening entertainment at Pubcon Las Vegas 2006 included no fewer than six parties hosted by major exhibitors and sponsors, followed up by Pubcon Classic holding a spectacular all-day networking event to see this exciting conference out in style.

Las Vegas 2006 (Site archive) (pics)


Pubcon made a grand return to Boston for Pubcon Boston 2006, as the conference was held in the massive Hynes Convention Center in downtown Boston. A wonderful keynote address was delivered by bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell. He delighted Pubcon attendees with an in-depth exploration of the concepts in his popular books “The Tipping Point” and “Blink.” After his keynote Pubcon held a book signing event in a very busy exhibit hall.

Books were donated by WebmasterWorld, with a donation suggested in order to get a hand-signed book. Pubcon and it's attendees raised almost $3,000 for charity at this event. After two great days full of cutting-edge sessions concluded, the traditional Pubcon Classic networking event was held at the Elephant and Castle pub, for the first time since Pubcon Boston 2003.

Boston 2006 (Site archive) (pics) 


Pubcon Austin 2006, although not a huge conference, served as an open house at Pubcon's new offices, and was an excellent opportunity for many Pubcon friends and family members to gather and make plans for the large Pubcon Boston 2006 event.


Pubcon Las Vegas 2005, Pubcon's tenth conference, was once again held at the massive Las Vegas Convention Center. The keynote address was delivered by author and producer Robert X. Cringely, while Pubcon featured some 40 exhibitors, 75 speakers, and 1,300 people who enjoyed two powerful days of search talk.

Yahoo Search Marketing and Google each sponsored lunch sessions, and Yahoo threw a huge party at the PURE nightclub at Caesars Palace.

Las Vegas 2005 (Site archive) (pics)


Pubcon London 2005, also known as Pubcon 9, was a bit more subdued than in some previous years, however some 300 people showed up at the perennial Pubcon London pub favorite, the Cittie of York.

Attendees met new friends and old, many business deals were made, and a grand time was had by all who attended.

London 2005 (Site archive) (pics)


Pubcon New Orleans 2005 was held at the Park Plaza hotel in exciting downtown New Orleans. A keynote address was delivered by noted search guru John Battelle, and the conference featured Pubcon's most sessions ever.

A special "Meet the Engineers" evening session hosted by Google was a smash hit, as was the large exhibit hall featuring over 50 companies. The traditional Pubcon Classic networking event was held at the world-famous Pat O'Briens pub on Bourbon Street.

New Orleans 2005 (Site archive) (pics)


Pubcon Las Vegas 2004, otherwise known as Pubcon 7, was Pubcon's first conference in a major convention center. With 72 speakers, more than 25 sessions and 30-plus exhibitor booths, lucky Pubcon number seven was a huge success.

Some 1,200 attendees enjoyed a mega-party hosted by Yahoo, while the traditional Pubcon Classic networking event was held at the New York New York Hotel and Casino's Nine Fine Irishmen pub. Pubcon Las Vegas 2004 saw Google launch their AdWords program for marketers, and Microsoft launched it's upgraded MSN Search service. The huge success of Pubcon Las Vegas 2004 sparked a move toward many more Pubcon's in sunny Las Vegas.

Las Vegas 2004 (Site archive) (pics)


Pubcon London 2004 was a simple one-day meeting at the traditional The Cittie of York pub in downtown London. Although Pubcon London 2004 was a last minute affair, it still ended up featuring over 350 attendees.


Nearly 1,000 people attended the Pubcon Orlando 2004 two-day conference in Florida. Andy Borland of ClickZ fame kicked off the event with a fantastic keynote. The show had over 30 information-packed sessions featuring more than 40 speakers, while the exhibit hall housed some 30 event exhibitors and sponsors.

Following tradition, Pubcon Orlando 2004 finished the conference at a pub in downtown Orlando Kate O'Briens. Additional information about Pubcon Orlando 2004 can be found here.

Orlando 2004 (Site archive) (pics)


Pubcon London 2003 was held in London during September — once again at the Cittie of York pub. The London weather was uncharacteristically sunny and warm, and the Cittie of York threw open its courtyard doors and sent webmasters spilling outside for fresh air and more conversation.

The pub exceeded capacity, with some 300 attendees from all over the world packed tightly in a frenzy of business deals and networking conversations.

London 2003 (pics)


Pubcon Boston 2003 was Pubcon's first true major conference-format event, featuring sessions with all the top search engine firms. Over 300 people attended this one-day Pubconference event in Boston, held at the historic downtown Wyndam Hotel.

An eagerly-anticipated afternoon of networking and socializing at a downtown pub concluded a highly successful Pubcon Boston 2003.

Boston 2003 (Site Archive) (pics)


In October, Pubcon loaded up and headed to London once again. People flew in from 21 countries to attend Pubcon London 2002. Nearly 300 webmasters enjoyed good food and friendship. Pubconference III, as it was known, was mentioned in several large online news outlets including SearchEngineWatch and Special guests included Per and Susanne Koch of, and the venerable Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Watch.

The networking and camaraderie spread well beyond the walls of the Cittie of Yorke pub. The hotel lobby and bar were bustling nearly all hours of the day and several groups of newfound friends routinely broke off for tours of London. Pubcon London 2002 was the latest and greatest in a string of successful marketing and networking events promoted by WebmasterWorld. The conference was sponsored by FAST (AllTheWeb), Google, PositionTech, Inktomi, Espotting, Yahoo, GoToast, and SearchEngineCommando.

London 2002 (pics)


After the huge success of the first Pubconference, it wasn't long before WebmasterWorld members in North America began clamoring for their own version of the conference.

Held in Irvine, California on February 23, 2002 at the Crazy Horse Lounge, the conference was sponsored by FAST (AllTheWeb), PositionTech, Overture, Inktomi, and TopDog Software.

Irvine 2002 (pics)


Over 125 WebmasterWorld members showed up at the Cittie of Yorke Pub in London for Pubcon London 2000. It was a day spent socializing and discussing search engines in the open but smoke-filled atmosphere of a 600-year-old English pub. Everyone who was there was thrilled with the outcome, and the generosity of sponsors such as FAST (AllTheWeb), Overture UK, BT Looksmart and TopDog Software was warmly welcomed by all in attendance.


Pubcon's roots run far deeper than the Web. These really started back in the 1980s with the bulletin board system crowd. BBS sysops would often have meet-n-greet events at user group meetings. We had many of them when Brett Tabke lived in Denver running a single line BBS on a Commodore 64 computer.