A Groundhog Day Facebook Marketing Strategy – Increasing Your Opt-Ins 400% with Facebook Fan Pages and Re-Targeting Ads

By Jabez LeBret and Mark Homer
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Fact: 92 percent of people NEVER will return to you fan page.

Fact: You cannot guarantee your Facebook post will make it on a person’s news feed

Fiction: You have to be patient and work countless hours to build an interactive relationship stronger than a mama grizzly and her cub before you can expect someone to cough up their name and email address from Facebook.

New Opportunity: With the emergence of iFrames on Facebook Fan Pages the process of getting in front of prospects that visited your fan page again and again has become very easy. The iFrame functions as a window to your website. The user is still on Facebook, but interacting with your content on your site.

The fact that Facebook allows users to interact with your website means the door is now wide open for some fancy, yet simple ad projects using site cookies. We are talking about re-targeting (also called re-marketing) ads on Google’s content network or other ad networks. SEOmoz recently did a test case study and found opt-in rates increased over 400 percent with the re-targeting campaign.

What this means is that you can have your prospects wake up each and every day, only to be confronted with your marketing promotions again and again –


hence the “Groundhog Day Facebook Marketing Strategy.”

For those that are still unfamiliar with re-targeting here is the gist:

When a visitor lands on your website, clicks a link in an HTML email, or clicks an ad, your site places a cookie in their browser. Then as the user navigates other websites on the Web that include ad space, a specific ad you create based on that cookie can appear in the content.

Think about that for a moment. A person goes through your whole sales process, but for some reason once they get to your sales page they exit without purchase or they bounce off your opt-in page. Then, as they surf other pages, your ad begins to pop up:

“You left without your merchandise? Give us a chance to make this right.”

Pretty powerful stuff! As a marketer, what would you do to get one more chance to convert your prospect into a customer or what is often even better — a subscriber to your email list? Now there is a chance to bring this great marketing tool to your Facebook fan page and do what you have always wanted to do — turn a quick infrequent Facebook fan interaction into a customer and subscriber to your email list.

Here is how it all comes together…

1st - You need a Fan Page with a reveal function. Most iFrame applications on fan pages will allow you to create a custom tab with reveal. This function allows you to display different pages when someone takes an action step e.g. clicking the “Like” button reveals new content on the fan page.

2nd – The user must click something to set the cookie. Make this something they can’t walk away from. One example could be a video image. Once they click the play button text should appear instructing them to “Like” first before they watch the video. While the video should have a marketing purpose, the second function of the video is to set the re-targeting cookie.

3rd – Here is where things get awesome. Following the action of hitting the “Like” button your iFrame should reveal the video and contain an opt-in box.

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You can create two separate re-targeting campaigns depending on the actions of the user. In fact you could create several. If the user then watches the video but doesn’t opt-in…create an ad that follows them around offering something different or a follow-up video. If the user subscribes, you could follow them around with re-targeting ads to encourage the next step in your funnel — whether that be a purchase, a phone call, an proposal request, or just an interaction with you on Facebook, etc.

You can see where this can quickly become an incredible tool. Since the data tells us that most users will never go back to your fan page, and you lose contact with anyone that does not “Like” your page, re-targeting gives you an opportunity to capture that lead again.

Point of Caution – Over re-targeting can cause pandemonium and the result is social media rioting. Be respectful of your future clients and don’t annoy the hell out of them.

How about the ad?
The optimal range is somewhere between 7 – 12 touches per month. The ad should be specific to the campaign where they first encountered your business.

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If you are offering a video on your fan page your ad could read “Part 2 to our Facebook Video.” Think of the ad as moving in concert with the entire promotion.

In Google Content Network, you can use text or visual ads. Like most content ads, visual ads tend to be more effective. Make them more effective by using similar branding images to the specific Facebook fan page or interaction you are targeting. If you are showing a video, include a small image of that same video from your fan page. This will help their subconscious connect the ad to a trusted source.

There is a lot of great information out there on Re-Targeting/Re-Marketing and about maximizing the use of iFrames on Facebook Fan pages. Follow our tips and connect the dots and be sure to let us know if you see an increase of 400 percent in your opt-ins originating from Facebook!

Jabez LeBret is an international keynote speaker and director of marketing at Red21. Read Jabez LeBret’s full PubCon speaker biography here.

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