41 Reasons To Come To Pubcon Paradise 2012

Paradise 2012
is set to take place in tropical Honolulu, Hawaii on February
13 – 15, and if you haven’tPubCon Paradise In Hawaii
already made the wise decision to start the new year off right by attending the
premier search and social media conference, here are 41 reasons to register
today at our low early-bird rates.

We’ve been inundated with an outpouring of positive feedback from last

Pubcon Las Vegas 2011
week-long event, our biggest and best yet, and wanted
to share some of it with you.

These are just 41 reasons out of hundreds why you should be in Hawaii in
February for Pubcon Paradise, that come from a selection of social media,
optimization and online marketing industry folks who attended our most recent

  1. “For those of you who don’t know, Pubcon is the biggest event on the SEO
    calendar. As an SEO company, it’s
    an event we just could not afford to miss. We went to a wide variety of
    sessions, and learned way more than we could have imagined. One thing we
    have already decided — we’ll be going back next year to Pubcon!”
    — James Richardson
  2. “A great line-up of sessions and speakers. I have learned a lot in these
    sessions.” —Jennifer Jones, Microsoft Advertising
  3. “We launched Google Plus Pages For Businesses just earlier at Pubcon on
    Monday.” — Google head quality control engineer and webspam team leader Matt
  4. “After Matt Cutts hour or so long speech at Pubcon he began answering
    questions with lines and lines of people. I went to the next session and
    came back over an hour later to find him still answering questions. Yes, he
    has been non-stop talking for probably three hours, helping webmasters.” —
    Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Roundtable
  5. “This past Pubcon Las Vegas was my seventh Pubcon. Between Vegas,
    Austin, Dallas, and soon to be Hawaii I
    have literally wandered the U.S. to make sure I didn’t miss this show. There
    is something inexplicably special about this show. Because of Pubcon we have
    had secret jokes shared between thousands of friends, a face-to-face with
    Matt Cutts every year of our careers, we have had something to call ‘ours’
    and something to compare every other show to.” — Joanna Lord, SEOmoz
  6. “Amit Singhal, who is one of Google’s primary algorithmic engineers,
    made a rare appearance and offered Pubcon attendees a chance to better
    understand the programming and logic behind the number one search engine. In
    addition to the keynote, both Singhal and [Google head of webspam Matt]
    Cutts took the time to answer the audience’s questions following their
    presentations.” — David Angotti, Search Engine Journal
  7. “There was a ton of information shared and numerous things that I
    learned. Pubcon is one of my favorite shows of the year and one you should
    definitely attend. Not only will you learn a ton of information about SEO,
    social media and affiliate marketing, but you’ll meet some great people too.
    Thank you everyone for another great Pubcon.” — Adam Reimer
  8. “Amit Singhal, Matt Cutts’ boss and the keeper of the Google algorithm,
    shared the stage and gave some key

    Photo: Andy Beal

    insights into SEO, freshness, and the future of search. Looking forward to
    seeing everyone back there next year for Pubcon 2012.” — Katherine
    VanderDrift, Servio
  9. “Look alive at home, folks, because the energy is pumping here in Vegas.
    It’s the very last session of Pubcon and they are rockin’ the music.” — Lisa
    Barone, Outspoken Media
  10. “We’re definitely looking forward to next year’s event. It will be
    interesting to see how search engine marketing will evolve by then.” — Jon
    Reese, SEO.com
  11. “Some of us have gotten jobs, some of us have fallen in love, some of us
    have gotten raises, or started companies…all from a Pubcon. We have left
    Pubcon both proud of what we have learned over the past year and humbled by
    how much left there is to learn. This conference gives us a place to rethink
    things, to validate our gut feelings, and to catch glimpses of what is to
    come.” — Joanna Lord, SEOmoz
  12. “Ah, Pubcon — what can you say about such a veteran staple in the search
    marketing industry? One that draws hardcore search nerds and beloved tech
    rock stars in droves to the middle of the desert each year? Tip-top
    sessions.” — Lauren Litwinka, aimClear
  13. “Pubcon awesomeness!” — Michelle Lowery, Outspoken Media
  14. “It’s a pity that mom’s not around to ask me what I learned today.
    Because today, Pubcon kicked off, and I learned a lot.” — SonicSEO
  15. “After months of anticipation, Google Plus has launched pages for brands
    a mere 48 hours before Pubcon Las

    Photo: Michael Dorausch

    Vegas 2011. The speakers did a fantastic job in the past two days analyzing
    the features and benefits of Google Plus for brands, as well as taking
    calculated guesses about where Google Plus is headed.” — Mike Supple,
    Milestone Insights
  16. “Pubcon was great.” — Gil Reich, Managing Greatness
  17. “At Pubcon in Las Vegas, Google’s Matt Cutts and Amit Singhal held a
    webmaster Q&A session with attendees, and referenced (among many other
    things) some algorithm testing that they’re doing, which we may see the
    results of in 2012.” — Chris Crum, WebProNews
  18. “Day two of Pubcon Las Vegas 2011 was full of great information!” —
    Andrew Johnson, SEO.com
  19. “Something about Pubcon keeps it on a very special pedestal for me. This
    all started from a group of people that literally built this industry on
    questions and through connecting in forums…where we all tried to help each
    other move an industry forward.” — Joanna Lord, SEOmoz
  20. “During a keynote speech at the Pubcon conference yesterday, the head of
    Google’s Web spam team, Matt

    Photo: Andy Beal

    Cutts, said the company is currently testing algorithms that would help
    determine ‘what are the things that really matter, how much content is above
    the fold.’ ” — Emma Bazilian, Adweek
  21. “Pubcon is a place for the greatest minds in search, SEO and marketing
    to come together, solve problems, create transparency and promote the
    industry.” — Jason Hennessey, EverSpark
  22. “Pubcon is truly the search marketers’ search marketing conference and I
    feel honored to share the podium with so many great marketers.” — Will
    Scott, founder and president of online marketing firm Search Influence
  23. “This is the first Pubcon I’ve attended and I found it extremely
    valuable, coming back with so many great tips and takeaways.” — Kevin
  24. “Man, Pubcon, you play rough! We’re just plum tuckered out after trying
    to keep up with you in Vegas this week.” — Virginia Nussey, Bruce Clay, Inc.Pubcon Paradise 2012
  25. “Pubcon was a blast and I’m sure many of us look forward to implementing
    the various theories we learned.” — Ryan Jones, dotCULT
  26. “Special thanks to Brett Tabke for such putting together yet another
    excellent Pubcon!” — Mike Hernalsteen
  27. “I now have about 20 typed pages of notes to go through and decipher.
    Overall the show was once again supremely awesome. I’ll be back in 2012.” —
    Mike Feiman
  28. “Last week I had the opportunity and pleasure to attend Pubcon Las Vegas
    2011 through my full-time position at Zacuto USA, and I must say that it was
    the best year yet for me for several different reasons that go beyond just
    the great knowledge that goes on in the sessions.” — Dave Lawlor
  29. “I have been to at least nine or ten Pubcon events and this one by far
    brought me more information then ever.” — Peter Leshaw
  30. “This was my fifth year attending Pubcon Las Vegas. I would say the Web,
    search, and marketing conference maintains the same high quality it has had
    since I first went in 2007. Matt Cutts is one of the best speakers I have
    ever seen, and that on top of the fact that he is basically Google embodied
    always makes for an
    excellent presentation. This conference still feels like the best value out
    there.” — Jon Heller
  31. “If you haven’t attended a Pubcon, consider it — it’s an amazing
    assemblage of serious marketing people and entrepreneurs. The education
    value is huge — this year, there were nine simultaneous tracks.” — Roger
  32. “You couldn’t walk anywhere during Pubcon without hitting a conversation
    about social media, and that’s why [Google's] Matt Cutts named it one of the
    top areas for business owners to watch.” — Lisa Barone, Outspoken Media
  33. “I attended Pubcon last week and learned a lot about where the marketing
    industry is headed. My biggest take-away from the conference was that this
    industry continues to grow rapidly.” — Mike Hernalsteen
  34. “The best part was all of the awesome people that we got to meet.” — Jen
    Van Iderstyne, Internet Marketing Ninjas
  35. “For me, the best thing about Pubcon continues to be the wealth of
    webmastery information available. There is an atmosphere of sharing [at
    Pubcon.]” — Michael Dorausch
  36. “Pubcon is one of my favorite conferences for learning about social
    media marketing, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing and everything
    to do with Internet marketing.” — Krista Neher

    Photo: Michael Dorausch

  37. “Pubcon is a great place for people to learn more about the industry at
    any level.” — David Malmborg, SEO.com
  38. “The recent Pubcon was the first since the search engine methods
    changed, so it made the conference a huge benefit because it was all new
    content.” — Scott Cowley, ZAGG, Inc.
  39. “After attending Pubcon for the fifth year and speaking there for the
    third time, I’m happy to say the event was as successful this year as it has
    been in the past. Another great show that covered many disciplines and
    subject areas. If it’s still not on your road-map as a must-attend event,
    then it should be.” — Brian Chappell
  40. “I recently returned from a trip to the largest gathering of search
    marketing professionals in the world, Pubcon Vegas. The conference was a
    real eye opener.” — James Richardson
  41. “Pubcon Las Vegas was epic from start to finish. This was my first
    conference and it was better than I

    PubCon Paradise 2012

    bargained for. Awesome information was shared and I met some great people.”
    — Luke Alley, Get Found First

Pubcon Paradise 2012 in sunny Honolulu, Hawaii will take place February 14 –
15, with a full day of
Pubcon Masters
search and social media training on February 13, at the stunning Hilton Hawaiian
Village Waikiki Beach Resort.

Thanks to all of you who have shared your Pubcon experiences from last
month’s Las Vegas event. All of the fine feedback listed above comes from the media coverage during Pubcon Las Vegas 2011.

Take action today by registering
now for Pubcon Paradise 2012
, and see for yourself why Pubcon is the world’s
leading search and new media conference. We look forward to seeing you in Hawaii in

Lane R. Ellis
Lead Editor
Team PubCon