27 Top Speakers Highlight Robust Pubcon Expert Spotlight Lineup

Our lineup of expert spotlight sessions for Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 is stronger and more robust than

Brad Geddes, Founder, Certified Knowledge

ever before, featuring many leading search and social media speakers in this popular format offering more time with the speakers you want to see.

Brad Geddes, founder of Certified Knowledge, will speak in an expert spotlight session on "Making AdWords Display Network Profitable for You."

“I’m looking forward to talking about Google’s display network,” Geddes said. “It’s the largest network in the world, yet it is underutilized by most marketers. What I really enjoy after giving a presentation is hearing from the audience on how they are faring with the network and any new strategies they are finding that are helping them to accomplish their goals,” Geddes added.

Andy Beal, chief executive at Trackur and founder of Marketing Pilgrim, will also be presenting an

Andy Beal, CEO, Trackur

expert spotlight session, in Tuesday’s "Reputation Management: Focus on Google."

“The spotlight sessions allow me to dig deeper into the topic of Google reputation management,” Beal said. “Not only can I present more information, but there’s more time to personalize the content by answering audience questions,” Beal added.

Tony Wright, chief executive and founder at WrightIMC, will present a spotlight session on "Proactive Reputation Management."

“I’m looking forward to talking about proactive strategies for managing both company and individual

Tony Wright, CEO & Founder, WrightIMC

reputations in today’s review-driven environment,” Wright said.

Eric Enge, president of Stone Temple Consulting Corporation, is set to examine "Social Signals In Search" during his Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 expert spotlight session.

“Pubcon Vegas is one of the top events of the year,” Enge said. “I’m looking forward to another great show,” Enge added.

John Ellis, chief executive and owner at Crescent Interactive, will also discuss the important subject of social signals in the search environment in his spotlight session.

Describing his session, Ellis asks, “Are social media and SEO related?”

“The short answer is yes,” Ellis says. “In this session, I will dive into some concrete examples of how

Eric Enge, President, Stone Temple Consulting

they are tied together. That includes Facebook updates, Twitter interaction, Google+ and much more. A complete search engine marketing solution requires social media activity. Join me as we learn how and why,” Ellis said.

Both Jeffrey Eisenberg and Bryan Eisenberg — partners at Eisenberg Brothers and Associates — will also be featured in Pubcon expert spotlight sessions, giving all attendees the opportunity to learn from two of online marketing’s strongest speakers.

Bryan Eisenberg will present "Seven Must Have Elements for E-commerce Product Pages," while Jeffrey Eisenberg explores "Optimizing Non-E-commerce Product Pages."

Additional spotlight session speakers include Bill Hunt, president at Back Azimuth Consulting, on

John Ellis, CEO & Owner, Crescent Interactive

how to "Mine Your Keyword Portfolio for Missed Opportunities," Michael Gray,
president of Atlas Web Service, in a solo session called "Graywolf – SEO and Social Media," and
Christine Churchill, president at KeyRelevance, who will speak on "Cool Tools for Search Marketers."

“During the ‘Mine Your Keyword Portfolio for Missed Opportunities’ spotlight session we will do a deep dive into how to increase the yield of your existing keywords with metrics you should be using that will increase sales and save you money,” Hunt said. “With the reduction of the organic in SERP real estate you need to make sure you are maximizing the opportunities to engage searchers effectively by maximizing context and searcher intent,” Hunt added.

The spotlight sessions keep on coming, with Dan Zarrella, social media scientist at HubSpot.com, on

Bill Hunt, President, Back Azimuth Consulting

the "Science of Inbound Marketing," Jabez LeBret, chief innovation officer at Get Noticed Get Found, speaking about "The Psychology of Facebook Conversion," and Jennifer Evans Cario, president of SugarSpun Marketing, on "Leveraging Pinterest as a Marketing Channel."

“We’ll be looking at Pinterest from the marketer’s perspective and exploring not just how to drive targeted traffic from it, but also how to use it to influence your content marketing strategy and to research potential evangelists,” Evans Cario said.

Greg Boser, senior vice president of search services at BlueGlass Interactive, Inc., will present the

Jennifer Evans Cario, President, SugarSpun Marketing

Pubcon spotlight session "SEO 2012 with Greg Boser," while Derrick Wheeler, senior SEO architect at Microsoft, will speak on establishing a "Successful Mega-SEO Framework for Any Organization," and Jay Berkowitz, chief executive at Ten Golden Rules takes the stage for "10 Different Kinds of Search."

“My session is about ten different kinds of search, on October 17 from 3:10 p.m. until 4:15 p.m. in Salon B,” Berkowitz said. “The reality is that we don’t just ‘search’ on Google. We search for people directly on LinkedIn and Facebook, for products on Amazon, for breaking news on Twitter and for how-to lessons on YouTube. My session will share ten new kinds of search and real success stories for people optimizing in these new channels,” Berkowitz noted.

More strong Pubcon spotlight sessions are scheduled from speakers including Carolyn Shelby,

Jay Berkowitz, CEO, Ten Golden Rules

director of SEO at Tribune Company, who will speak on "Disaster Recovery and Worst-Case Scenario Planning," Daniel Boberg, president at Tallwave, speaking about "SEO and Social Reporting – Transforming Your Business with Actionable Insights," Joe Laratro, president at Tandem Interactive on "The SEO Diet," and
Roger Dooley
, founder of Dooley Direct LLC, on "Neuromarketing – One of the Hottest Topics in Marketing."

“My audiences want techniques that produce results: landing pages that convert, sites that keep the visitor engaged, and copy that sells,” Dooley said. “So, at Pubcon, I’ll be sharing specific brain-based strategies that will improve small and large websites of all types,” Dooley added.

Roger Dooley, Founder, Dooley Direct LLC

Michael Black, owner of SEOMike Consulting, will lead a spotlight session on "SEO Fundamentals – Rock Solid Basics," while Jennifer Slegg, president at JenSense, will examine "Content Worth Creating," and Sarah Evans, chief evangelist at Tracky, will speak on the "Social Collaboration" expert spotlight session.

“If you’re not at Pubcon, it’s your loss,” Evans said. “It’s one of the most content-rich conferences in the U.S. I can’t wait to talk about social collaboration and why everyone from executives to search engine experts should be focused on this multi-billion dollar market,” Evans added.

Rounding out the record number of expert spotlight sessions on tap at Pubcon Las Vegas 2012 are

Sarah Evans, Chief Evangelist, Tracky

David Snyder, chief executive at CopyPress, on "Stop Killing Your Content – The Content Life Cycle Explained," Suren Ter, chief operating officer at SEMrush, on "Discovering the Trade Secrets of your Competitors," and Jim Boykin, founder and chief executive at Internet Marketing Ninjas looking at "Link Building in a Penguin Age."

All of these expert spotlight sessions are just a portion of what’s in store for attendees at Pubcon Las Vegas 2012, which features more than 200 top speakers.

Register today at some of the fairest pre-conference rates in the industry and join thousands of attendees for the year’s biggest social media and optimization event. We look forward to seeing you in sunny Las Vegas on October 15 – 18 for a week of search and new media learning and exploration.

Lane R. Ellis
Lead Editor
Team Pubcon