10 Things You Might Not Know About Pubcon

Even if you’ve been to dozens of Pubcon events, there are still some things you might not know

Pubcon Las Vegas

Pubcon Las Vegas

about the world’s premier social media and optimization conference.

Listed here are ten little-known facts about Pubcon. If you’ve never been to a conference before, do yourself a favor and make the relatively small and fairly-priced commitment to attend Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, and get ready to soon be asking yourself what so many of our first-time attendees have told us:  “What took me so long to find Pubcon?” Our testimonials speak for themselves.

  1. How Pubcon Got Its Name

    Pubcon began as an informal gathering of early Web search engine optimizers and webmasters at a London pub, giving birth to the pub conference. Over the years Pubcon shifted the meaning of its name to place less emphasis on the

    Michael Slaby, Pubcon New Orleans 2013 Kickoff Keynote Speaker. Photo: Tim Ash

    Michael Slaby, Pubcon New Orleans 2013 Kickoff Keynote Speaker

    celebratory pub gathering experience and instead started focusing more on the aptly named professional Web "publishing conference" it quickly became.
    Despite the subtle change in the meaning of its name, Pubcon has maintained the pub gathering tradition as a part of what are now some of the world’s biggest and most respected social media conferences.
  2. Pubcon Is A Teenager

    Pubcon is over 13 years old, with its first modern conference taking place in London in 2000. Reading Pubcon’s history page is like taking a trip back through the evolution of the search and social media industry itself.

  3. Pubcon Was Recently Named A Forbes Must-Attend Conference
    Forbes Must-Attend Conferences for Entrepreneurs by John Hall

    Forbes Must-Attend Conferences for Entrepreneurs by John Hall

    Pubcon, the search marketing event of the year, has been named one of Forbes Magazine’s prestigious “Must-Attend Conferences for Entrepreneurs,” and with one of our strongest lineups ever on tap for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 it’s easy to see why.
  4. Founder Brett Tabke Met His Wife At Pubcon

    Pubcon and WebmasterWorld founder Brett Tabke met his wife at Pubcon London 2002. Check out some of the photos from this early Pubcon conference.

  5. After More Than A Decade 3 Of 4 Original Panel Members Still Regularly Attend Pubcon

    Three of the four original panel members from the first big conference session, at Pubcon

    Pubcon Boston 2003 panel with "Oilman," Matt Cutts, Dan Boberg, Paul Gardi, and Tim Mayer.

    Pubcon Boston 2003 panel with “Oilman,” Matt Cutts, Dan Boberg, Paul Gardi, and Tim Mayer.

    Boston 2003, are still regular Pubcon attendees: Google webspam team leader Matt Cutts, who will be presenting a major keynote address during Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, 15-year search industry staple Tim Mayer, and search pioneer Dan Boberg. The fourth, Paul Gardi, then of Teoma/Ask Jeeves, can be found, according to Tabke, "trolling the Interwebs and VC boardrooms regularly," and perhaps hoping to see Gardi back at an upcoming Pubcon event, added, "…miss seeing you around, Paul."
  6. Pubcon Has Roots Dating Back To 1980s 300-baud Computer Bulletin Board Systems

    Even before Brett started the WebmasterWorld message forums he was heavily involved in online communications, operating dial-up computer bulletin board systems as early as 1984. Read some of this author’s memories of those early days with Brett here.

  7. Pubcon CEO Brett Tabke’s Nephew Brad Is The Mayor Of Shakopee, Minnesota

    Mayor Brad Tabke took the helm of Shakopee, a community of about 38,000 some 23 miles from Minneapolis, at the beginning of 2012.


  8. Spotify’s Shakil Khan Has Close Ties With Pubcon

    Spotify’s head of special projects Shakil Khan — known as Shak — was instrumental in the

    Shakil Khal, Head of Special Projects at Path

    Shakil Khal, Head of Special Projects at Path

    growth of phenomenally popular online music service, and has been a longtime contributor to WebmasterWorld.com as well as an early Pubcon supporter and 2012 keynote speaker.

    Shak joined WebmasterWorld’s message forums, which were owned and operated in conjunction with Pubcon until 2012, back in 2002, and was a founding member of the popular “Forum 78” dedicated to Google advertising. As a self proclaimed “start-up guy,” Shak has had a number of online businesses in the U.K. since 2000, and was part of the founding team at buy.at which went on to be acquired
    by AOL.

    In addition to helping run one of the world’s most successful music services, Shak recently launched CoinDesk, a news and information website dedicated to covering online currency Bitcoin.

  9. Speakers Save Research For Pubcon That They Don’t Share At Any Other Conference
    Pubcon Photo: Michael Dorausch

    Pubcon Photo: Michael Dorausch

    Pubcon isn’t solely about the world-class formal sessions, but about the amazing people who come together once or twice a year to share in ways that just don’t happen at any other conference.

    Pubcon is famous for its focus on giving you actionable “take-aways” — things you can begin implementing in your businesses’ strategies right away. Be prepared for plenty of work after attending Pubcon, because the lengthy lists of your own take-aways are bound to inspire you to try new things that have worked well for others.

  10. Brett Tabke Helped Coin The Term SERP
    Google's Matt Cutts, Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 Keynote Speaker

    Google’s Matt Cutts, Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 Keynote Speaker

    Did you know that Tabke helped coin the term SERP, short for Search Engine Results Page? SERP quickly made its way into the industry vernacular and then over the years found its way into more mainstream usage.

Register for Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 now, and we look forward to having you among the record crowds signed up for a uniquely strong week of the very best social media and digital marketing learning on October 21 – 24, featuring major keynotes by Google’s popular head quality control engineer and webspam team leader
Matt Cutts
, noted Internet entrepreneur and chief executive and founder of Inside.com Jason Calacanis, and UnMarketing president and popular digital marketing personality Scott Stratten.

Matt Cutts
Google Webspam Team Leader
Pubcon Las Vegas 2013
Keynote Speaker

Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten
UnMarketing President
Pubcon Las Vegas 2013
Keynote Speaker

Jason Calacanis, Inside.com CEO, Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 Keynote Speaker

Jason Calacanis
Inside.com CEO
Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 Keynote Speaker

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Lead Editor
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